Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long weekend... ugh

So, Friday was my birthday. I got up as normal, went to work, after work went to the clinic to pick up the 7 dogs I had there getting fixed. I met two people there.. one who wanted to adopt Lizzie (Pug mix) and one who wanted to adopt Ace (Toy Aussie). The lady who wanted to adopt Lizzie said she would come pick up Lizzie Saturday at 9am. The guy who was interested in Ace took him home from the clinic. He was so excited.

I left the clinic around 5:30. I drove to meet someone to drop off two of the dogs and then drove home. I was home by about 6:30. I then unloaded all the dogs and put them in their prospective kennels. I then got out the other dogs that were at my house and worked with them, cleaned their kennels, feed them, gave them medicine... the normal stuff. In the middle of doing that someone came over to look at my barn to hopefully board their horse at my house. That took about 45 minutes.

By the time I got in the house from doing all the stuff with the dog and feeding my horses and all that is was 9pm. My husband was a bit cranky.. LOL! He wanted to go out to eat but by the time I cleaned up and would be ready it would be 10. So, instead we had birthday cake and proceed to clean my kitchen.

My house is under construction and they are finally done doing stuff that would create dust so I am slowly getting rid of all the dry wall dust. UGH! What a pain.

So, I cleaned my kitchen until about 12:30am I then went on the computer and checked dog email. I went to bed around 1am.

Then Saturday morning I got up and did my normal horse / dog routine. At 9am I received a phone call from the guy who took Ace home. He said they had a horrible night? I thought OMG the dog tore something up or was really bad. I asked him what happened. He said Ace paced back and forth all night and that he just couldn't do this. He had to return Ace. I tried to explain to him that any dog might do this as they are in a new environment and would need time to adjust. The guy wasn't having any part of it. So, Ace came back.. now here is the part that really stressed me out. My volunteer pulled a dog from a shelter for her friend and I have an Eskie coming today (Sunday). I am expecting the big dog my volunteer pulled to leave this weekend and the Eskie will take his spot. The big dog was taking Ace's spot. Well the volunteers friend may not be taking the big dog. So, that means I have 3 dogs to fit in one open kennel spot. Yea, so figure that out. UGH!

The good news is Lizzie did get adopted at 9:30am.

And more good news is I have a new foster home. Hopefully it all works out. I can really use some foster homes. I have a lot of foster homes that can no longer foster because of life changes.. babies, moving, healthy reasons. So, I am few and far between on foster homes... paws crossed I get some more soon.

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