Thursday, July 23, 2009

Puppy Update

Well the puppies on got in last Thursday are still healthy.. knocking on wood. They are going to get their first round of puppy shots tonight. Ace is getting adopted tomorrow evening and poor Leroy Brown doesn't have anyone interested in him. :-( He is so cute.

Dillion, Baby Jane and Bobby are doing well. They go to the vet today to get their rabies shot. Last thing they need and then they are 100% good to go. Well I think Bobby might need booster shots but that is it. Bobby went to a foster home on Monday. She said he is doing really well and is housebroken. YAY! She is going to take a 2nd dog tonight, I think to foster.

There is someone coming tonight to meet Bobby and Dillion. She is really nice, sounds very caring and is meeting me at the vet office. Figured that would be easier then my house because it is raining and my house is STILL under construction. So, tired of living in dry wall dust. UGH!

One of my volunteers just called me. She is dieing to find an Aussie for her friend so she is driving 1.5 hours to a kill shelter to save an Aussie and this cute little mix dog that was dumped off there because the owner is in Jail. Nice, huh?

So, that is all the news for now.

Paws crossed the puppies stay healthy!!


Denise (Eddie's mom) said...

Did you see where the fireman who was convicted of killing his two dogs said he ran out of his antidepressant medication that day? I find that VERY hard to believe. I also wouldn't want a public servant who was such a loose cannon - glad he got fired.

Painter Pack said...

I think a happy dog makes the sun shine a bit brighter!!!


LilliGirl said...

You are doing great stuff. Any secrets to share on placing quickly?