Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am a volunter this is not my JOB!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Let me explain why.........

My rescue partner Gloria, lives 2 hours from me. She is responsible for 1/2 of our dogs up for adoption I am responsible for the other 1/2. I mean they can't all live at my house..LOL!! Anyways, on Sunday I met Gloria at our meeting place.. 1 hour for her, 1 hour for me. I picked up 5 dogs from her. Well actually 6 but one is staying with me. So, mind you I already have 5 puppies, Dillion, Sassy, Driver and 4 dogs in foster care.. so I pick up 6 more dogs. Her 5 are only staying the night because they are going to the clinic Monday morning.

Monday morning I wake up 5:30am. Go outside and load up her 5 dogs that are in various cages / crates in my garage b/c that was the only room I had and Yuki and Driver and put them all in my car. I take care of the dogs that are at my house, including 2 of Gloria's dogs.. Paco and Millie.. they are so good and easy I didn't take them back to her last weekend.. LOL!!

Anyways, take care of all the dogs, horses, cats, getting ready for work and out the door 7:30am. I then drive 1 hour to the clinic, drop off all the dogs and then I drive 1/2 hour to work.

Friday I am supposed to go to the clinic and get all the dogs. Drive to my house un load my two, load up Paco and Millie and drive to our meeting place and drop everyone off.

Now keep in mind I am getting 3 new dogs in tonight....

One of Gloria's dogs Sierra has a really great application on her. However the person lives near me. The person does not want to come to meet and possibly adopt Sierra until Sunday.

I really really really can't handle having another dog at my house until Sunday and what if they don't take her? What if they change her mind. I just can't do it. It is totally stressing me out. I explained to the potential adopter that I really don't have room to keep her and she says what is one more night from Saturday to Sunday. UGH!

STRESS LADY THAT IS WHAT IT IS! STRESS AND I CAN NOT TAKE ANY MORE. This isn't my job, I want a life, my husband is already mad at me for spending too much time with dogs.. UGH!!!

I don't know what to do. I really don't want to keep the dog till Sunday! If I had some getting adopted I think I would feel better but nothing is getting adopted and I am not even getting applications :-(



~Andeelyn~ said...

I know what you mean lol just like we talked about another 2 weeks but like i said at least then i know hes got a great new home. People will never understand what we got through on a daily basis and just keep em one more day it wont hurt, has a whole other meaning to us. For just one day i wish they could walk in your shoes and theyd understand why one mroe day is a big deal

Nicole said...

Wish I could help, Amy, but I've got two fosters now. Good luck!

House of the Discarded said...

The part that's infuriating, is that the potential adopter needs to know that in order to see the dog in the BEST possible way - it wouldn't be at your house!

I've had people who want to adopt cats from the back seat of my car. How on earth can you tell about the personality of a 3 year old cat when they're scared to death and in different surroundings?

"**UGHS's**" with ya :)