Monday, July 13, 2009


Oh it is so so so so good to be home. Everything went OK, while I was gone. My Dad left the pen open to my chickens on Tuesday night and well the coyotes got them all but 2. I am not happy. What can you do my parents don't remember things as well as they use to ;-( Hence they don't live alone.

My cat Weezy disappeared. Now that is super strange but I have a feeling he got into some one's car and they didn't realize it. He LOVES car rides.. he thinks he is a dog.

Other then that everyone is ok. Dogs were well taken care of, horses, goats and the other cats all seem happy.

There are about 8 JRT's waiting for me to get back so their lives can be spared. So, I am going to work after work everyday this week to get my kennels up and running. Hopefully I can get some more foster homes soon... paws crossed.

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales where all beautiful. Had a great time! There was a heat wave the first week and then normal weather then 2nd week. Because of the drastic weather change I got REALLY REALLY sick the last 3 days.. UGH! I am still sick now. At least I got sick at the end. LOL!

Oh dogs over there were interesting. A LOT and I mean A LOT of Pit Bulls. That was nice to see though because obviously they don't have the stereotypes that we do over here.

I saw a lot of labs, one beagle, one Great Pyrenees, a few Greyhounds, King Charles Cavilers, Yorkie, 2 Pom's and A LOT OF JRT's :-) The JRT's over there are TOTALLY different then the ones we have here. They are very short, a lot of color, not one had straight legs, most had big heads, they all had stocky or what I call square bodies and most had ears that stood up. Here is a picture of one I saw in Stonehenge

They are still freaking cute :-)

Updates on the Parvo puppies, Molly and the dogs I am getting coming this week, stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Oh trust me, we do, at least in Ireland. A small child asked me a few weeks ago why there was a bull terrier on the beach, because apparently it was vicious because it was a 'pit bull' and would I please go over there and ask the man and his scary dog to leave. When I told the child I couldn't, her mother came over to bring her away from the scary pit bull.