Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Molly is smiling NOW!

Here is the email I received from Molly's foster to adopt parents on Monday:-)

Hi Amy,

Welcome back, sounds like you had a fabulous honeymoon, other than the getting sick part. And by the looks of all the pics posted on FB, you had a beautiful wedding. Congratulations.

Molly seems to have settled in here, in fact it is like she has always lived here. After you dropped her off, she smelled around for a while and it was like she said ok, these are my new people and this in my new home and that was that. And her and TJ are getting along great. It is just amazing that she is older and with all that she has been through that she has so much energy. She more than keeps up with him. When they really get going the whole house vibrates, lol. And she loves the "bark park", well not the first 20 minutes or so, she was a little leery and spooked a little by the welcoming committee at the gate, and didn't quite understand, but once she got the hang of it and that she could run all she wanted off leash, she really takes advantage of it, lol. And now when we go she is part of that welcoming committee at the gate, lol.

And did you know that Molly talks? Boy she has a vocabulary unlike any other dog I have ever heard. It is really quite funny at times. Especially when she is lying on her back and scratching it. And she definitely knows how to tell us when she needs to go outside. I will have to tell you a funny story about that when I see you.

So we have taken this all as a sign from Shaelah that is ok to get another dog and Molly is a good sister for TJ. So you were right on your blog, when you said "they are so keeping her".

So we are ready to adopt her anytime we can make arrangements to get together. You can come and pick up your crate anytime. We could bring it to you, but we would have to take the crate apart, at least I think it would fit in the trunk that way. We are hoping that this will be ok with you, cause it would break TJ's heart to lose another sister, not to mention ours of course, lol. She has already been licensed here in Huron county, and started on heart worm and flea protection through our vet.

As far as the crate goes, unless things change we are not going to be getting another one. She has been in it maybe three times since you dropped her off. The first night she slept out on the dog bed in the living room and starting the second night she has been sleeping in bed with TJ and I, at least for the majority of the night.. TJ had a small problem with that at first, but it didn't take him long to get over it as long as Molly doesn't try to sleep on HIS pillow, lol. We had agreed that we were going to break her of the crate by leaving them for small amounts of time, but one night I was returning from doctor appointments in Akron and had called Les and told her I would just pick her up outside to go to dinner so that I didn't upset the dogs by coming in and leaving right away again. I have a "big" brother in Akron who is quite the animal activist and I had stopped at his house and in conversation had ask him if he knew of anyone wanting to get rid of a used crate. He has two dogs about the same size as Molly and he said he didn't use either of his two crates anymore to let him think about it for a week or so. Well, at dinner I was telling Les about my conversation with Gerry and needing to get started breaking Molly and she said well we will know when we get home. She hadn't put Molly in the crate. Well, when we got home, everything was absolutely fine. She hadn't bothered a thing and Les had even forgot to put the lid down on the trash can. So Molly has not been in the crate since then and every time we leave them and come home everything is just fine. I think we are up to about 5 1/2 hours of them being alone now. Of course, TJ hasn't used a crate for a couple of years now.

So I think I have rambled on long enough to let you know we think the world of Molly and really want to be her furever home. She is such a sweetheart, I don't understand how anyone could have kicked her out.

So let me know what kind of arrangements you want to make. I am sending this to both of your email addresses, I am assuming that you are back to work today, but wasn't absolutely sure.



Abbeysmom said...

I am so happy to hear Molly has a home. It's incredible how much Abbey looks like her. From what I read, she acts like her too! Abbey also talks a lot. I would be interested to hear of any other things she does, to see if Abbey does the same things.

~Andeelyn~ said...

YAY Im am so excited Mollys story has a happy ending!! Sounds like she fit right in from day one!

LilliGirl said...

Awesome news! Keep up the good work!

miznolol said...

Amy, remember the blog about why you rescue and how sometimes you feel like you just want a normal life? Well stories like this are why you do it. And I think why others do it too.

I remember when we first got Molly and how we weren't sure that she would even make it. She was by far the most emaciated dog that I had ever seen in person. I was really worried about her. And I can't believe that she actually nursed those puppies until we got her! She is such a strong girl.

I am so happy to hear that she is doing well in her new home!

You are a special person, Am. Four hundred and something dogs to date!! You have made a HUGE difference not only in the lives of those dogs but also the lives of their new owners. You’re awesome dude!