Monday, January 12, 2009

3 JRT's left behind...

So, there are 3 JRT's that I know of that are at shelters and if I can't get to them will probably end up dead. UGH!! Do you have any idea what a horrible feeling that is?

It is so hard because I try to have a "normal" life.. clean my house, do laundry, cook, hang out with friends, watch TV, go on vacation, get married... LOL!! But to do all that I need to control the number of dogs I have in my care. But to control the number of dogs I have in my care means I have to say "NO I CAN'T TAKE THAT DOG." To do that means that the dog will probably DIE! DIE, how horrible is that.... I always say to myself... you being overwhelmed means that dog no longer existing, dieing.. How can I seriously say let them die?

It is just hard sometimes...... who am I kidding all the time.. LOL!! You are literally speaking about a LIFE.. UGH!!

Sometimes this dog rescue stuff just gets to me. When I first started doing dog rescue it ALWAYS got to me. The sad reality of it now is that I am numb to some of it now. I use to cry for days over a dog being sick with parvo and dieing. Now, I am sad but rarely do I cry. The sad reality is although that one dog died of parvo (which I haven't had in over a year now.. knock on wood) there are 10 more waiting to takes it's place in my rescue. Now, that makes me cry.

Well I am hoping that the JRT's that are in shelters will be safe until next week. There is absolutely NO WAY I can take them this week. It is too cold and I have JRT's everywhere. Huey and Hutch (formally know as Duey) are going to be neutered next week and then head for home on Saturday 01/24. Win, the puggle is in his home and Chance his brother has someone very interested in him. Crash is getting neutered tomorrow and he leaves on Sunday (assuming all goes well with the meet and greet). So, come Monday 01/19/2009 I should have a little room... I just highly doubt 2 out of the 3 JRT's will be around that long. UGH!


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Cornelia said...

I fostered a Mama JRT and two pups last week. One puppy passed before I got there. It was a first time foster for me as I have 3 dogs and 3 cats already. Other than that we have helped with transport, getting dogs to a safe rescue until they find forever homes. I also want to open a rescue, if we had enough space I would have one now!

I do want another JRT someday, a male since I have a 2 yr old dominant female and concerned about two females together. They will share our home for life. The pups were adorable, arent they all, the male puppy had just the kind of markings I would choose for myself if I could only have one more. But, Mama, a 3 yr old, nothing special about her looks or coloring stole my heart! She turned out to be a lap dog, that's where she felt safe with her babies and she was housebroken too! I can't imagine how such a sweet girl ended up in such bad shape at a pound! It's probably better that I don't know!

It was AWFUL having to hand those dogs over to rescue, it felt like my heart was breaking and I only had them less than a week! I know I did the right thing considering the circumstances, but it still hurt. I have thought about them all week, that's the reason I found you! The puppies were skin and bones, they all had mange which I knew nothing about. I learned quickly because I promised Mama the night I brought her home that she would get a cortisone shot the next day, the itching was terrible! They had their treatment for mange, their first round of shots, Mama had her curled under nails cut, and they had fecals to check for worms. They are getting over the skin condition and need to gain some weight, but no other issues. Amazing what a bath, food, a warm spot to sleep and some human kindness can do to change a dogs life!

Good news! I called the rescue farm to check on them and the female puppy may have found a home!

Thank you for starting this blog! I've enjoyed it and will be back.