Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maybe doing better

Ok, I might be doing better today... might. A really nice couple came over yesterday and the husband fell in love with Huey. DUH! who the heck wouldn't. God I love that dog. And the wife really liked Duey. SO YAY!!! They are going to adopt both of them. WOOOHOOO!! Duey's new name is going to be Hutch ;-) I LIKE THAT!!

The only sad thing is they can't go until I get them neutered and that isn't for 2 weeks :-( Poor dogs.

I did have one dog Scooter leave yesterday for a foster home so that is cool. Bob and Kim said they would pick up a foster next weekend and Crash should be getting a home on Sunday. Then Huey and Hutch go to the clinic next Monday to get neutered and are there till Friday AND then get to go home Saturday...

So, all in all next week is going to be rough with dogs everywhere but the following week should be better.

Now for the emails about dogs in kill shelters. there is a really nice JRT in Wood County Dog Pound. He has till Thursday... maybe I get them to hold off on putting him down and I can get him next week... I hope so!! HE IS CUTE!

Ok, fingers crossed things go smoothly next week. Also pray I get a few new foster homes.

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