Thursday, January 1, 2009

Greedy people

Holy crap what is wrong with people? Seems I ask that a lot!!

Well I received an application for Huey one of my sweet heart JRT's. The application stated that the people have a English Bulldog female who is not fixed. I emailed them back and said that I wouldn't be able to adopt to them until their female was fixed. Here is what they said to me:

We will get her spayed after her 3 rd litter, we just raised a litter of 5 pups from her sired by a CH from Wellington. As I'm sure you will disagree with raising pups for a profit the $7500 did come in handy while my husband is going to school full time. I just wanted a little JRT for my personal companion. I guess I will look else where and good luck with your dogs.

Seriously made me sick to my stomach. GREED GREED GREED that is all this is. Dogs are not money making machines, they aren't items to be purchased at the store... they are living breathing animals who feel pain and happiness. Granted they don't have the ability to reason and they can't fully understand you but seriously they aren't merchandise to be sold like such.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I seriously just want to freaking SCREAM!

So, that is idiot example number one.

Idiot example number two....

I received a phone call today from a person transporting dogs from Coshocton County Pound tomorrow. A "breeder" (using that term loosely here) was turned in for the horrible living condition of her dogs. She had 28 dogs living in small dirty cages with little to no food and frozen water exposed to the cold weather. She was told either give them adequate housing or turn them into the pound.... GUESS WHAT SHE DID!!!!

Yep, you guessed it all 28 dogs turned over to the pound. Obviously the pound couldn't handle that many dogs and were already near capacity as it was. A lot of dogs were put down yesterday :-( Poor dogs didn't even stand a chance.

Anyways, a bunch are being taken from there tomorrow morning. The ones remaining many will be killed Friday evening.

I am taking 4. I must be crazy b/c I am going to have to set up a place for them. I really don't have the room. I am getting a VERY CUTE JRT and 3 male 5 month old puggles. I am sure they will get adopted quickly... the puggles I mean... at least I hope they do.

Idiot example number 3 I am going to have to give you at a later date... I will explain why late... stay tuned.

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Cornelia said...

OMG! I wouldn't trust them not to breed other dogs! Stupid people! Hope all those puppies find forever home, but they won't. Someday, somehow, some of them will end up on death row too.