Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate dissappointing people!

I am so upset with myself right now I could just throw my hands in the air and walk away from dog rescue.

The best part of rescue is taking a dog from the shelter that would otherwise be dead and finding him a home where he/she is loved and spoiled.

The worse part about rescue is
***when a puppy gets sick and you can't help him and he dies.
***when you rescue a dog and it is aggressive so you have to humanly euthanize him.
***when you get a dog in that someone has badly abused.
***when you adopt out a dog to a home and they return him for really no reason.
***when you disappoint someone! I HATE DISAPPOINTING PEOPLE!

My goal is for everyone to be happy. Yea, well I screwed that up.

Huey and Hutch (formally Duey) have lived at my house together, sharing everything. A very awesome couple came over and fell in love with Huey. Then they saw Hutch and fell in love with him. Oh my how are they going to choose. They asked if they could adopt two. SURE! I said.... now normally I have people adopt one and then come back when the other has settled and adopt two. BUT Huey and Hutch lived at my house and were totally fine with each other, the other dogs, listened well, were housebroken. So, it wasn't like they were dogs with issues that I would have to worry about.

UGH! UGH! and UGH again!

So, Huey and Hutch were picked up. Their mom was SOOO EXCITED and so was I. Their new mom and dad were awesome!

Then is all went down hill. Huey and Hutch decided that their mom and dad weren't allowed to share attention and keep getting into fights.

Their mom and dad tried really hard to work things out but it isn't fair to anyone involved if Huey and Hutch continue to live with each other. When you have two dogs you want to be able to enjoy them and love them not worry they are going to kill each other.

So, I guess I look like a big giant jerk because for some reason these two dogs decided they didn't like each other and their poor mom and dad are so upset and I am upset because they are upset and UGH!!!!!

I really hope that their mom and dad are able to choose one and then maybe in a year or so will consider a friend for whoever they keep. JRT's are pretty darn cute in pairs :-) I just pray that I don't look too much like an asshole for allowing two dogs to be adopted together. I can tell you I will NEVER EVER EVER allow that to happen again. I am sticking to my rule of get one now and one later.

JRT's are good dogs and they really do great with a friend but for some reason these two have decided to make me look like a jerk and prove me wrong.

GEEZ! And I am always saying two females won't work.. yeah thanks Huey and Hutch make a liar out of me. The males are supposed to be the less dominate out of the two sexes.


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