Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week is coming to an end!

Well all three Puggles are in a foster home.... well one is in it's forever home but the adoption isn't official until I get him neutered. So, two Puggles I need to find a home for. Hopefully I can soon.

I have a nice family coming to see Huey on Friday. YAY Huey!! I love that dog.. said something to Tyler about keeping him.. I got the "look" LOL!!

The people that said they were interested in Louise never called back :-( Poor Louise! She is a nice dog too... should would make the perfect lap dog for someone. She is so little.

I have a family coming to meet and hopefully adopted Hamlet. I think they will like him. Hammy is a good boy too.

I guess that really is it. I might be getting a female JRT with flea allergy really bad. Poor thing... I hate seeing a dog all itchy.

Well I guess that is all the excitement for now :-)

Finger and toes crossed that I get a few more hits... Louise, Dottie and Duey are nice dogs.... then deserve to be in a home not rescue!

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