Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Thanks for Joan who adopted Munch fostering Scooter I was able to get another dog out of the shelter. This poor JRT sat at the shelter for a month. He is high energy right now but if I spent a month in jail I would be high energy too.

I named this guy Woody b/c he came from Wood County Dog Pound in Bowling Green Ohio.

So, take a look at this little guy above. He is the 4th dog from Wood County Dog Pound that looks EXACTLY like that.... Bean, Ike, Dillon and Arty all came from Wood County Dog Pound, all of them have the same body style, all of them are totally white.... now that is just strange.

I am 100% sure some jerk is breeding JRT's that look like this in Wood County and either dumping them or the people he is selling them to are conveniently loosing them. The other strange thing is every dog that looks like Woody that I have gotten from Wood County Dog Pound is a MALE!!! Hmmmmmm

Oh and NONE OF THEM were neutered when I got them from the shelter. GRRRRRR!!

That brings me to my next thing... there is a breeder of JRT's right near me! I have already had 5 of his dogs in my rescue. That just irritating... If you would like to send him a letter and nicely explain why breeding dogs and especially JRT's is a bad idea please do so:

Willy Collins
15302 State Route 511
Oberlin Ohio 44074.

You can simply point out the fact that breeding dogs for money is not a legitimate reason for breeding and that JRT's are extremely over breed especially in Ohio and that 7 MILLION dogs are killed in shelters every year because there aren't enough homes. Oh and don't forget to mention that Lorain County Dog Pound has a JRT on death row about every week and not all make it out alive. I wonder how many are the dogs he brought into this world?

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