Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am only human...

Ok, so today I had a rough day. **Elizabeth, Tom so owes me. LOL!!

So, today I had a crazy day at work... some dog related some not.

I left work at 5:10 drove 25 mile per hour MAX 1/2 way home on the high way b/c we are in day 3 of a snow storm and headed straight for June's where I have 4 dogs boarded at $15 a day b/c I have WAY TOO MANY DOGS.... actually that is not true. It is just too freaking cold outside and I don't feel that the dogs should be in my horse barn.

Anyways so after work I drove to June's. I got there about 6:00. I took my 4 JRT's outside to play with them.... Huey, Regal, Scooter and Hutch. We played outside for about 1/2 hour... maybe a little longer. I put them all back in their kennel (they share one) and then I sat in the kennel with them just hugging. I really needed my dogs today.

Sometimes when I leave work there is nothing more that I want then to go home and hug a was one of those days.

So, anyways I hung out in the cage with my dogs for about 1/2 hour. It was actually kind of funny b/c the two people that work at the kennel and June who owns the kennel came to the cage to talk to me.. LOL!! I almost felt like a dog.

So, after sitting with my dogs for 1/2 hour, I went home, picked up Louise, stopped at the grocery store and went to Tyler's to make dinner.

I made dinner and started drinking a glass of wine that I bought while at the grocery store.

Anyways, my point is my glass of wine is now gone.... I just had one of those days.

I am sitting on the couch at Tyler's house. He went to bed a LONG time ago! I am watching CSI NY with little Louise sound a sleep next me typing away on Tyler's lap top.

Seriously if it wasn't for my dogs I might be less stressed but at the same time when I am stressed they take it all away...

So, ask me again why I do this???

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Thoughts said...

You do it because you are caring, dedicated and selfless. Because you have a big heart, and because you have the space and the drive to do it. You do it for the love of the animals, the love of the dogs. You do it because you save lives every time. you are the giver of second chances. You do it because you are a wonderful person and not everyone is built like you. many people would not be able to handle what you do.