Monday, January 5, 2009

Doggie update

Yesterday a nice couple came out to my house to see the Puggles. They decided to adopt Win. Funny thing is the wife works at the same company as I do. They are going to foster Win until I can get him neutered... because of the holidays everyone I use is all booked up and I have to wait till the week of the 19th. UGH!

Lotto who is going to a foster home tonight and Chance leaves for a foster home on Friday. So, that is good. Maybe if I am lucky they will get adopted quickly and the adoptive family can foster them until they are ready to be neutered.

I have someone interested in Louise. They are supposed to call me today and let me know if they are coming out tomorrow to see her. She is going tonight to get her shots and will be spayed in a few weeks. The family is going to Disney World so the timing works out great.

I have someone that wanted to come see Hamlet this past weekend but he needed updated on his shots which he is getting tonight so they said they would come this weekend. Fingers crossed they do.

Oh and I talked to the most amazing women on Saturday.... I think it was Saturday. She wants to adopt Crash! YAY!!! She lives near Dayton but said she doesn't mind driving. She is coming the 18th to spend some time with Crash. Not sure if he will be neutered by then but she was OK with that. With him having the broken Pelvis I don't want to put him through surgery and have it hurt him.

So, that leaves no leads or potentials for Chance, Lotto, Regal, Oakley, Duey, Huey and Dottie.

Huey is going to end up living with me forever if someone doesn't step up fast for him. OMG I love that dog. I really wish someone I know would take him. I am seriously in love with this dog he is so freaking good!! Just every once in a while there is one that grabs at me but I know it is better to find them the perfect home. I can't keep them all :-( And you know I would if I could.. LOL!!

***so Bob K. when are you ready to foster again... LOL!!

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