Thursday, January 22, 2009


This past year has been a strange year for rescue. It seems every year that you are in is worse then the year before but honestly I think 2008 will go down as one of the worse years for dogs in a LONG LONG TIME! I think that it is carrying over to 2009 and I really hope that the trend ends soon.

It is estimated that 7 million dogs are killed in shelters every year... keep in mind this number doesn't reflect the number of dogs that are humanely euthanized at vet offices across the US... this is strictly shelters. And YES people do put to sleep their pets just because they no longer want them. However, 2008 those numbers are going to be WAY HIGHER!

Why? because people view dogs as a luxury. Ok, fine I can agree with that... if you can afford one then having one isn't that big of a deal... kinda like having kids. Don't try to have a kid if you can't afford one (now I realize accidents/miracles happen but you get my point).

If you are financially stable to have a kid right now you have one and all of a sudden you loose your job, your house, etc. Would you get rid of your kid?

THEN WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GET RID OF YOUR DOG?? An animal is part of the family. Now, finding it a new loving home... ok fine as long as you put the effort into it and check up on the dog! But dumping it on the street to fend for it's self, tying it up to a tree with no food or water no shelter, dumping it at the pound. COME ON PEOPLE!

As with every single year, this year is no different. Right after Christmas BLACK DOGS EVERYWHERE! It is so sad because black dogs are the number one most killed dogs in shelters. Why? Because they don't take very good pictures, they are scary looking and just ordinary :-( There is actually several rescues that ONLY rescue black dogs that is how many are in need.... any breed as long as it is mostly black. Isn't that crazy?!

So, for the next month or two we will have black dogs EVERYWHERE literally dieing for help and then March and April all the Christmas puppies will hit the shelters. They will all be about 6 to 8 months old and the idea of having a dog has warn off plus they were trying to housebreak a dog during the coldest part of the year so the owners were lazy about it and of course it is now the dogs fault that it isn't housebroken... same old same old.

So if you are in the market for a dog THINK BLACK! At least for now because those are the ones that are dieing by the thousands everyday. And in a few months from now if you are looking for dog pretty much any breed, size, color... there will be one in a kill shelter that is just under a year old.

Oh and if you like Yellow Labs you are in luck. Thanks to the movie Marley and Me we should have TONS of those! Thanks Pet Land you bunch of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......I will be nice for now!

Oh hey Cleveland Ohio Residents bringing up Pet Land totally reminds me!! PROTEST FEB 7th from 1-3 Great Northern Mall Pet Land. Bring Posters that share the truth with people!


Scrappy said...

I like Black dogs. My last two Dogs wer Black dogs, and they were Great! Black Labs are the Best Dogs Ever!

shereebee said...

what a stupid world we live in it took soooo long to finnally see that our country could be led by a black man and still people think like this about dogs. i've only had dogs that others thought were disposable and up until last year i had three 1 white/brown, and 2 black it didnt matter what i wore the hair was going to show, you deal with it. the next one i'm naming Mo, so all i wear will be mohair. i love dogs more than people