Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hutch and Huey update and a few other things

Sorry everyone had to wait so long for a Hutch and Huey update. I just had to share the crazy emails from the lady with the bratty kids.

Anyways, so Monday Dawn and Rob who had Hutch and Huey, decided that since Huey is so easy going and Hutch had been through so much in 1 month...dumped on Christmas Eve at the pound, spending time at the pound, being at my house, spending time at the boarding kennel, spending a week at the vet office, then back to my house and then to their house... he needed the stability of not being moved AGAIN, much more then Huey. Don't get me wrong Hutch is a GOOD dog but with every move a dog has it stresses them out and well Huey is so laid back you could move him a 100 times and as long as he has a soft bed (in a crate... he loves his crate) and food he is happy. Hutch needed Rob and Dawn WAY MORE!

Hutch is doing wonderfully and Dawn said (while knocking on wood) she is just so amazed how good Hutch is... She said the hardest thing about choosing between the two of them was that neither had any "issues" they are housebroken, loving, play only with their toys... they just couldn't get along with each other.

I talked to my rescue partner and she said PURE jealousy. It isn't that they couldn't get along.. it was that they couldn't get along right now because they were FIGHTING for attention... literally.

This is a PERFECT example of what I was trying to get the person from Tuesday to understand... this what I try to get people to understand all the time. Dogs are pack animals and they are most secure in their pack. If they keep getting re homed/loosing their pack or our separated from their pack for extended amount of time they are going to act out. What little bad habits they have might escalate with every move and what bad habits they didn't have they will have / get with every move. Dogs NEED to be part of a pack and have a defined order and that is with them NOT being the pack leader. Without this they are just wild animals doing exactly what their instinct tells them to do and that is the opposite of what they need to be, to be a member of a family.

So, Dawn, Rob, Hutch and Huey are all very happy. I am glad that Dawn and Rob understand what was happening because I did feel like a giant ass. My trainer said that Huey and Hutch got along so well at my house because of the defined pack order. I am the leader, Huey was there first so he was next in line, they Hutch but when they went together to a new home with new people they had to FIGHT for order.

Anyways, I learned my lesson! I always say get one dog, settle that one in and then get a second but these two did so good at my house together I thought it would be fine. LESSON LEARNED :-)

At least everything worked out. Now we just need to find Huey a home before I decide to keep him. OMG I so don't need another dog and Tyler would kill me. Not to mention I have two dogs coming into my rescue tonight... NO IDEA where they are going to stay. The one is an Aussie Mix. The Aussie mix does have a foster home but she can't pick him up till this weekend. I am probably going to board him... got to call June. I have Woody the white JRT coming in today too. Again, not sure where to put him.

I have Coco and Louise both adopted but they aren't getting picked up until Feb 7th... If it wasn't for that I would have two open foster homes.... I do have one open foster home and I am hoping she can take a boy, usually likes girls.

So, I guess that is it for now. Trying to figure out how to save the life of a JRT in Gallipolis Ohio.. can't seem to find any help???

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