Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend update

It has been confirmed Dottie has a home!! WOOOHOOOOO She has been waiting a long time for the right fit and we have found it. YAY!! The person adopting her can't come till after next weekend. He is coming from Toledo and said he will make the drive to pick her up one day after work. So, one more week for sweet little Dottie and then she is in her FOREVER home.

Coco and Louise both get happy endings next weekend too. Coco will probably get picked up on Sunday... maybe Saturday afternoon. I have the rally at Pet Land to help promote adoption over shopping on Saturday from 1 - 3pm so that kinda messes up the day Saturday.

Louise we still need to figure out logistics for her. She is going to a home in Cincinnati. Might be meeting her new mom in Ashland area... still need to figure that out.

AND GOOD NEWS ABOUT TODAY (Dawn and Rob will be happy about this one)! Huey is going to his FOREVER home today :-)

Geo and Woody the two new kids I picked up Thursday both left for foster homes yesterday. I am pretty sure if Geo is a good boy he will end up being adopted by his foster family and Woody has someone interested in him in PA. Just waiting to see how well he really is housebroken, that will be key.

So, good news all around. Now, I just need to get everyone moved so I can start over again.. LOL!! There are some CUTIES on the kill list for this week... hopefully I can get the pounds to hold them for 1 more week.

It is so nice when dogs go home. I always feel so guilty when they are in foster care.. they don't understand what is going on.

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