Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick and still can't take a break!

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. OMG so sick!! Dogs don't care about you being sick though. They still need feed, played with, cleaned up after, given medicine, driven to the vet and saved from kill shelters!!!
Wednesday I came to work late and left early. Just wasn't feeling 100%. Thursday morning I woke up and pretty much wanted to die. I had to drive a little over an hour to a college career fair... I am a recruiter so all part of my job. I really didn't want to go, I felt horrible but I had to go and set up the booth AND of course I was supposed to be picking up 3 Aussie Mix puppies.

Aren't they cute??
I called the volunteer at the pound and asked how quickly they could get to Akron. I told her I was really sick and as soon as the puppies got to Akron I would put them in the car and head home. So, the puppies got to Akron around noon. UGH!! I seriously just wanted to cry I felt so bad.. stuffed up nose, sneezing, blowing my nose every second, soar throat, fever... not fun!
I drove home... thanks goodness had the puppies area all set up for them, wormed them, fed them and headed to bed.

Then Bob K. called. He got the dog out of Crawford County.... luckily! So, he was dropping him off around 5ish.

He is a good boy!!! He was at the pound nearly a month and when I called on Monday they said good thing you called, he was on the list to be put down this week! YIKES!!
So, I had to settle him in. He is a pretty good dog so it didn't take long.
I woke up Friday to go to work and UGH! Still felt like I was hit by a truck... I came to work but came in late. I had to stay till 4pm because I pick dogs up at the clinic on Fridays and I can't pick them up till after 4.
So, I drove to the clinic which is 45 minutes the other direction from home and picked up all the dogs.
I then drove to Sandusky nearly 2 hours away to meet Gloria and drop off dogs to her from the clinic. THEN I had to drive back towards home but go 15 minutes pass my house to June's to drop dogs off at her house.

By the time I got home it was 7:30pm. I still had to take care of all the dogs and animals at my house.
I was in bed by 9:30.... and I feel a sleep fast.
When I woke up Saturday I was feeling much better. I did sleep in a little.
I went to the IX Center Home and Garden Show with my fiance and of course meet someone there to pick up yet another dog... Jingles. :-)

Oh I forgot to mention all day Friday I was working on saving 5 dogs from Kill Shelters in the Southern part of the state... I have a great Volunteer down there and she was checking on them.
1 got adopted from the shelter, 2 were not nice dogs and she rescued 2.
Sunday Woody got adopted! YAY!!! Great family that drove 6 hours to my house to adopt Woody and then turned around and drove 6 hours home. Now, that is love!!

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