Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good people at the pound today

Today I went to the pound to get out this sweet little female JRT. OMG she was so scared, she was wet from them washing out her cage and her little feet were freezing. It wasn't exactly warm in the kennel area. I picked her up and she was just shacking!

I walked away to see what other dogs were there at the pound and wouldn't you know another JRT. Just got picked up yesterday... he was a short legged stocky little guy. He has till Wednesday for his family to find him. If they don't come for him then I will go up and get him. (I am saying him but I didn't open the cage to see if it is a him or a her.. LOL).

I walked back to the female JRT and there stood a couple. Very nice people who had driven from Centerville Ohio to get a different dog but it was already adopted. They had one male neutered dog at home that was missing the companionship of their beagle who just passed away. They had a vet appointment at the Vet office just in case they got a dog at the pound today.

The guy told me that they usually get their dogs from breeders but when he learned about all the homeless dogs and how they are killed if not adopted he knew he had to rescue one. He showed me pictures of his dog at home and I gave him and his wife my card. I told them to call me or email me if they need anything. I specialize in JRT's so I would be more then happy to answer any questions for them. He said he would email me pictures... I sure hope he does.

So, how awesome is that?? FINALLY someone is listening. Today I like people :-) LOL!!

****************UPDATE ON THE KIDS***********************

Marshall -

He is with my rescue friend Sharon and hanging tough. He LOVES attention and wants to be with people all the time. He wants to be loved on and petted so badly but it is hard because his skin is so messed up.

It has been so cold her that I haven't been able to give him a bath but he is going to get one at the vet office next Thursday. Thank God. UGH he stinks.

He has a long road to recovery but slowly but surely we are making progress.


Hope -

She cracks me up. You would thinks she doesn't have two giant casts on her legs. She walks around the house until she gets tired and then she plops down (can't call it sitting) and scoots around. It is so FUNNY!

She is a dare devil, don't tell her she can't do something. Seriously if she had a middle finger I think I would have gotten about 10 times in the last few days.

I have two steps out the back door. Do you think that stops her? NOPE. Up and down those stairs she flies. Scares the crap out of me every time. She thought really hard about going up the stairs to the 2nd floor but decided quickly maybe that wasn't a good idea.

She loves to cover her head when she sleeps so she curls up like a cat to sleep. Well obviously she can't bend her back legs so she actually puts them on her head. It is so funny. I will try to get a picture of her the next time she does it. Hard to explain but so cute.


The rest of the kids.....

Coffee my Aussie mix puppy got adopted. That just leaves Cappuccino and Expresso to find homes. I feel like Cappy has a curse on him. I have had 3 adoptions fall through for him... well no maybe 4. UGH!

I still have Regal.. she is never getting adopted.. LOL!!

Jingles the JRT I got on V-day. He is doing really well. Had him in the house the last few days and he is housebroken so that is super awesome. Hopefully that will help him get adopted faster.

I also have Lola the Chihuahua mix, Missy the lab mix, Ava the JRT puppy and I am getting Shelby tomorrow.

There is Trey and Deuce too but I am pretty sure Deuce will get adopted tomorrow (as long as he doesn't eat cats..LOL). Trey is with Christie and I actually think she has someone approved who is coming to look at him.

Oh and Geo.. he went for a sleep over tonight. Hopefully all goes well and he has a home!! PAWS CROSSED!!!

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