Saturday, February 21, 2009


At 3:30pm yesterday Sue, the women that told me about the broken leg dog getting turned in, left work and went to Erie County Pound. That is what time the dog warden said the women with the broken leg JRT was coming in. Sue got there shortly after the girl left and picked up the puppy.

The dog warden said that after the girl signed the dog over to the Erie County Pound he told her that the dog was going to a rescue group. She got all mad and said that wasn't fair. It isn't fair because the rescue group is going to be able to get the dog fixed for a lot less then she can. She told the dog warden she wanted the dog back after it was fixed. The dog warden said that isn't really how it works. She was so mad that when the dog warden asked her what the dog's name was she refused to tell him.

Now for a little back history. Apparently the dog has had the broken leg for a week. The dog was supposedly hit by a car. I am not sure I believe that... anyways the girl took the dog to the vet and the vet said it would be $2700 to fix the dog. The women didn't want to pay that. They vet.. which again I don't really understand told the women to take the dog home and it would learn to live with it. At least that is what the girl said. She decided that she didn't want to deal with the dog's broken leg and wanted it put to sleep. That is why she was taking it to the pound.

So, like I said Sue got there at 3:30pm to pick the dog up. She drove from the dog pound to one of my foster family's house to drop the dog off (about 1/2 hour). The foster family called me and said the leg is just hanging there... this was about 4:30 / 5:00pm.

(Oh and let me add in here that I left work at 4pm drove 1/2 hour the opposite direction from my house to pick up the 5 dogs I had at the clinic getting fixed and was on my way back to my house with the 5 dogs... about an hour drive home.)

I had already been on the phone with my vet office about a million times. I told her I was going to call them and let them know it is way worse then we thought. My vet office had the day from hell with emergencies and such and it wasn't really going to be possible to squeeze the dog in. CRAP! Now what am I going to do???
I called the West Park Animal Hospital where I picked up the 10 - 12 week old JRT puppy. Anyways, they are an emergency clinic as well as a regular vet office. They said yep bring the puppy in. So, I called the foster family back and said can you please take the puppy to West Park? They said of course.
The foster family probably lives just about an hour from West Park.
I told them I would go home settle the 5 dogs I have in my car and head straight there to meet them.
I rushed home, got the dog stall all ready for my Aussie puppies... cleaned it, fresh blankets, food, water and set up a crate for Jingles and then put Mo in the house. I changed my clothes and jumped back in the car to head to West Park.

Now West Park is about 1/2 hour from my house... basically almost to my work where I had just come from..LOL!!

I made it there in record time actually beating the foster family. They were like 2 minutes behind me.

They got there and the doctors took the puppy in the back for x-rays. She didn't have one broken leg SHE HAS TWO BROKEN LEGS!!!

The brakes are right above her back elbows in her growth plates. The left one since it has been broken for so long the doctor thought that we should just leave it heal on it's own. The right one is pretty bad and will for sure need surgery.

The surgen is not in until Monday.

I left the sweet little girl there at the vet office to be on pain medication and crate rest. The surgen will call me Monday with an estimate and do the surgery Monday!
I got home about 8:3opm..... But look at this little face! She is worth it!

She needs a name. I am open to suggestions!


Peace1 said...

I think the name should be Hope because she needs hope with the broken legs and surgery she needs.

~Andeelyn~ said...

I second that the only thing that this puppy has is the Hope that someone will take care of her! Thanks so much for the two of you for saving this precious lil dog!! You are Truly Amazing Angels!!

AUZZIE said...

I cant wait to meet her today! You need donations badly! I am going to ask around for help! LOL Also, are the rest of my shirts done yet? My friends are anxious.

Anonymous said...

my dog also got it by a car and the surgery cost $10,000. Your lucky that it cost less. Good luck.

Dog Rescuer said...

Hope is fine and well. She has been placed in a forever home and they love her.

It was someone's else who was irresponsible and let her get hit by a car, not me. So, really Hope got luck b/c our rescue couldn't have taken a $10K hit.