Monday, February 9, 2009

Aussie Puppies and JRT's here we come :-)

This weekend was good! Louise (now named Zoey), Coco and Buddy all found homes. WOOHOO!! So, exciting.

Dottie is supposed to get adopted tomorrow (paws crossed). Oh and Regal went with Karen for the weekend to train on fly ball and she did so well on her weekend stay over Karen called me and asked if she could keep Regal a little longer... foster her in hopes that they may adopt her. I told Karen she was welcome to do whatever she wanted. Karen is so awesome! For those of you who read this and were at the Puppy Party in September she is the person (along with her husband) who brought all the cool agility stuff.

And to make the weekend a little better I received an application for Woody. I spoke with the mom of the family today. She was really nice. I hope that works out... especially for Woody, I think it would be a good fit. Paws crossed Woody will be in a home soon.

So, where does that leave me?? Well I do have a lot of dogs that need homes but the two I really want to focus on right now are Woody and Geo.

OF COURSE I am getting some new dogs this week.

I am getting 3 Aussie Mix puppies on Thursday

I am getting Maggie (JRT currently on my site) on Friday

I am getting a cute JRT named Spot that Bob K. is picking up on Thursday. I called the pound today and good things I did, his last day was tomorrow. UGH!! I am so glad I called.

I am getting 2 more JRT's on Saturday.

I think that is it for now.. I think. I will be taking at least 4 of the above mentioned dogs to the clinic Monday so I at least have a week to figure out where I am going to put them all...hahah It is this weekend I need to make it through.. LOL!!


~Andeelyn~ said...

Hey Amy, Well i may be able to take one of your JRTs if you cant find a place for all of them. Hours at work are slow and i have extra time on my hands get ahold of me when ya find out if ya are gonna need some help

fivedogs said...

Hi Amy!
I have to post that Regal is a wonderful dog and that you are a great judge of what she needed. Her training will be fulfilling and rewarding for both human and canine. And she is so snuggable and huggable!!!Thank you for all your proffesionalism and patience in dealing with us. We are looking forward to posting on her progress.
Your work in saving dogs has made both human and dog life better on earth when you put together such wonderful companions!