Friday, February 6, 2009


Two months ago, The Humane Socitey of the United States asked people to ask Petland, the largest retail supporter of puppy mills, to stop selling puppies. Unfortunately, unlike major competitors such as PETCO and PetSmart, Petland continues to sell puppies rather than implement a policy of only having dogs from shelters and rescue groups available at its stores.

The Humane Society of the United States in telling Petland to stop selling puppies, but the company refuses to stop, choosing instead to post defensive and misleading messages about The HSUS and about Petland's "adoption" program"
on its website. That's why, in January, HSUS organized rallies
at Petland stores nationwide asking the company to stop selling puppies and support real shelter adoptions instead. But so far, Petland hasn’t listened.

In fact, since HSUS investigation was released, they have continued to find evidence linking even more Petland stores to mass commercial breeders known as puppy mills, and to puppy mill “middleman” brokers such as the Hunte Corporation.

Petland made headlines again last month when police seized a dog at the private home of a manager of a Petland store in South Charleston, WV. Unfortunately, one of his dogs had already died
-- a Great Dane left outside in the freezing cold and chained beside a dog house. The store has reportedly since fired the manager, but these allegations do not inspire confidence in the animal welfare claims of Petland employees and executives.

Two Things You Can Do

Help HSUS keep the pressure on Petland. Please take one of these two additional actions today:

1. Write a personal letter to ask Petland to stop selling puppies.

Tell them you won’t support their business as long as they’re selling puppies:
Frank Difatta, President
Petland Corporate Offices
250 Riverside St.
Chillicothe, OH 45601

2. Tell as many friends and family members as possible
to email Petland to ask them to stop selling puppies. Petland needs to hear from as many concerned consumers as possible that they need to get out of the puppy-selling business.

Thank you for your continued support in our campaign to stop puppy mills.

Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States
Pet stores aren’t the only market for puppy mill puppies. The HSUS receives hundreds of complaints each year from people who have purchased sick pets over the Internet, often persuaded by flashy websites to purchase puppies from puppy mills. That’s why we’re assisting with a possible civil case against an English and French bulldog seller in Pennsylvania known as Bulldog Ravine, and we'd like your help. If you have purchased a sick bulldog from Bulldog Ravine or any other such business, please contact us.


~Andeelyn~ said...

Ok Amy ive reposted this as many places as i could. Maybe more people will start complaining and they will stop. doubtful because they are just another example of money hungry people who care nothing for animals. Wish i could be there tomorrow but ill be there in spirit and ill put a sign at work lol Give Em Hell!!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for posting this information -- I am going to get it out to as many people as I can. It is just appalling how these poor animals are treated! I work with a dog rescue organization in Washington D.C. called K9 Lifesavers and there are just so many dogs out there that need good homes!

DoxieDad said...


The Hunte Corp is the biggest problem!
It is regulated by the USDA which made it a low interest rate loan to build their new facility!
Now, what is wrong with this picture??

And the HUNTE Familily is so smug about it all.

Maybe with the downturn in the economy, the Huntes will go out of business.

I know that we are seeing the marginal puppymillers going out of business in our region.

Bob Donham V_P
Dakota Dachshund Rescue
"One Day at a time..One dog at a time..Friends Forever"

Anonymous said...

you people are really misinformed about petland... First off every store is owned by an individual owner so to just say petland in general mistreats animals is nonsense. I am an animal lover an animal activist and a proud petland employee. All of our animals are treated with the best vet care possible, well socialized and extremely well taken care of... sure an animal may get sick once in a while, but that animal is immediately treated by a vet and brought back to health before being sold. So please think before you spout off about how terrible we treat our animals.... In all the time that I have worked for petland I have never once seen an animal mistreated.... But PLEASE feel free to keep protesting.... The days the we have protesters are always the days we have our HIGHEST sales... all that attention really attracts new customers and when they come in to check out the store they are always impressed with how we treat our animals and it really drums up alot of new business! And just so you know we do care quite a bit about the community and the general well being of animals... We work with local rescues to find homes for abandoned animals, we donate food and supplies.. and we never EVER send an animal home with anyone that we feel will not be able to provide it the care that it needs!

Dog Rescuer said...

Are the animals fixed prior to going to their homes? Do you take the animals back NO MATER WHAT AGE they are?

I DO! And I am not a breeder or even responsible for the dogs being brought into this world.

Do you care that the mothers of the puppies you sell are living a life of hell in a small wire cage?

I just recently got in 2 puppy mill dogs and 4.. yes 4 Pet Store bought puppies / dogs. How do I know because they were owner surrenders either to our rescue or to the pound where they were scheduled to die!!

How many Pet Land puppies that YOU SOLD are STILL in their homes? How many are dead? How many are on their 2nd, 3rd, home.. how many have had a litter??

I can tell you where EVERY SINGLE DOG I have ever adopted out is and how they are doing!

And if protests drum up so much business why are some of the stores getting shut down? B/c the truth HURTS???!!!

~Andeelyn~ said...

Wow Anonymous you are truly delusional. The petland near where i live was recently closed. I only many occasion had gone into that store and seen more than one sick puppy. One puppy was actually pooping blood and when brought to the owners attention he said plainly oh it will be ok. Well it wasnt the puppy died just a few hours later. So now you tell me that these people care about the animals BS!! Please STOP selling Puppy Mill dogs!! You are part of the problem!