Friday, February 20, 2009

Dog with broken leg

I receive an email today from a women who found out that a women was bringing a 6 month old JRT to be euthanized AT THE POUND! The JRT had a broken leg and the women didn't want to spend the money to fix the leg OR spend $70 to humanely euthanize the dog. So, the cheapest thing for her to do was take the dog to the pound where for $30 it will be put into a box about the size of an oven and GASSED TO DEATH!


Anyways, the person who emailed me was going to the pound to pick up the dog before the dog warden killed it. I am getting the poor little thing tonight.

I can't believe people. UGH!

I hope it hasn't been broken for too long. I can't get it into my vet until Monday morning. It will get x-rays and then more then likely surgery. My vet said that waiting till Monday should be ok. I am on stand by so if someone cancels or they have room to take me in.

I will keep you updated. UGH! I am so sick to my stomach.


Ok, so yesterday I got in a 10 - 12 week old JRT female puppy. OMG SHE IS SO CUTE! I also got in a Chi/JRT mix.... that is the dog I wasn't sure what it was. And I got in Marshall the dog with mange.

HOLY COW Marshall has manage bad and he smells to high hell. GROSS! I feel so sorry for him.

The pictures make him look big but he is actually about 35#'s and probably a lab / hound mix. He is only a puppy about 10 months old and wants to be petted so badly.

He went to the vet already for a skin scrapping and medicine for the manage $100 just for that. Today a poo sample was taken in to check for worms $20 for that.

This is going to be an expensive pup :-) Oh well, he needed me.

Oh did I tell you I also got a Lab / Shep mix puppy on Wed. from my county pound. 4 months old. The dog warden asked me to take it, it was an owner surrender and the pound was full. The pound is no place for a puppy and a black puppy at that... so I have her now too. She is a sweet heart and very good girl.

Ok, well I am off to drive to the clinic to pick up Mo, Jingles, Cappy, Expresso and Coffee.

Mo is getting adopted tomorrow and if I am lucky so are one of the puppies. Let's hope I am lucky :-)

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kate said...

Speaking of broken legs, Athena is going to have hers looked at (I hope) tomorrow, that is if we can get worked in. She's been so good. I've been keeping her on pretty strict crate rest when I can't be physically holding her. She just wants to play and run so bad! But the doc said that since the bone chip is where the muscle is attached, if she uses/stretches the muscle too much she'll make the break worse. : (

Anyway she's getting around, no pain meds or anything now. Yesterday I looked over at her and she was LYING ON TOP OF MY DOG and both were asleep, how funny is that?! I'll try to send you a pic of it.

I just talked to my friend Anna (her mom adopted Louise/Zoey) and I guess the whole family is totally in love with her. Her brother was sick last week and Zoey laid right next to him, licked him every once and awhile, like she was checking up on him. *how cute* Anna said every time she calls home the first thing her parents talk about is Zoey. *sigh* I think that was a great match! Amazing a family like that will go to almost any length to take care of their sick dog, only to find that putting it down is the most humane thing to do. And then people who have reasonably healthy dogs are the ones that take that good health for granted the most. It's a crazy world we live in.