Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I can't believe what I was reading...

Last week a women sent me an application. She was looking for a JRT. She had a pretty good application so I asked her to check out the website and let me know who she thought was interesting. She went on line, looked at a few dogs and got back in touch with me.

I checked back in with her today and this is what she said:

on a lark - really, I thought I'd see if there were any puppies out there.

The JRT we have now, Buddy, was bred in the country, on a horse farm that had many other animals and lots of kids around. He had no fancy papers, no AKC certificate, but he's every bit a JRT and we love him dearly. I've known for years that to find another pup with "those" credentials, was a long shot. I've been asking God for 3 years to find us another dog, just like Buddy, and so far, He had said "no."

So last week, I again prayed "my long shot" prayer.Last Friday - against all odds, I found a farm.....with horses....that had all kinds of animals....and lots of kids around....and lots of dogs.Last December, 2 of those dogs gave birth to a whole passel of puppies: 4 or 5 males, 5 or 6 females, all Jack Russells.I called.Yes, they still had puppies available, 1 male and 5 females and yes, when would like to come see them?And so, last Monday, my husband and I, went to see them. To our surprise we ended up bringing home 2 little female JRT pups.

These too, have no fancy papers, no AKC certificate, but they are all JRT: smart, determined and spunky with an attitude.On top of that, it's the funniest thing, Buddy is displaying such maternal/paternal care towards them that it's almost unbelievable.God never does anything half way, quite to my astonishment and gratitude.

I wrote her back and said this:

Oh Lori! Your sweet but I am sorry to say what you did breaks my heart. The reason there are so so so so many homeless dog is because of places like you just described. We call those back yard breeders. The breed for the sole purpose of money and greed. The dogs are more often then not inbreed and as they get older they come out with genetic and mental issues. Check out to help explain it a little more.

Also, you may be in a world of issue... you should never never ever get two puppies at the same time. They will bond with each other instead of their owner and will be very very very hard to train. And on top of that female JRT's should never live with another female dog especially another female JRT. Female JRT's are very dominate and as they get older they get more aggressive towards other female dogs. I have had emails from people saying one female JRT killed the other. AND YES sometimes they are littler mate.

Oh Lori! I am so sorry you didn't know all of this before and I am so sorry that you bought dogs from a farm... were they amish?? The amish are the most cruel to their animals.

Please I beg you to check out

I wish you the best of luck with the two female JRT's but please make sure you get them into training ASAP. Try to nip any issues in the bud NOW.

If you need anything let me know.

I seriously just want to cry... I mean really cry. Is she researched JRT's and read the rescue site did she really think that going to a "farm with horses, lots of dogs and kids running around" (ASK PUPPY MILL!!!!) was a good idea.

AND OMG the greedy asshole breeders let her take home TWO FEMALE JRT's. I just know I am going to get an email in the next year saying they are still not housebroken and don't listen and then in 3 more years get an email saying they fight non stop and / or one killed the other. I just know it.

The second thing that makes me sick is that there is some asshole puppy miller breeding JRT's like they are going out of style. So, how many do you think will end up abused to death because the asshole sells them to people who don't understand the breed? How many do you think will end up aggressive from abuse and in a shelter where they are gassed? How many do you think will end up in MY RESCUE??

HELP HELP HELP ME! How do I do a better job at educating people? I feel like I totally and completely failed. I can't believe this poor lady has TWO JRT PUPPIES and TWO FEMALE JRT's at that...

You know what I want to do and maybe someone out there can help me.... I want to buy billboards and put up educational bill boards about the importance of adopting NOT SHOPPING. Anyone know anything about the cost of bill boards. I wonder if I can get bill boards donated?



~Andeelyn~ said...

Oh good lord! Amy you are an amazing woman and you do everything you can to educate JRT "stupid" people. Maybe we could try and get billboards donated! Thats an amazing idea!

lpyrbby said...

Good grief!

I was just reading a bunch of links today on people adopting two puppies at the same time and how it is SO not a good idea.

I don't agree with everything on this site, but maybe you can get her to read through this so she has the opportunity to prevent troubles before they start?

She has absolutely NO idea what she just signed herself up for :(

Heather Reynolds said...

I have been following your site for a while now, and from one rescuer to another, you are doing a tremendous job at educating people. We can't change everyone's mind, we can't get to everyone before they buy, and we can't do it all. I struggle with this all the time, it sucks. You just have to know you are doing everything you can.

It would be fabulous to get billboards up around the country... you know that is how Oprah finally addressed it on her show - from a man who bought a billboard asking her to address it. They can have a big impact.

Thoughts said...

You have not failed at anything Amy. You do the best you can with what you have, you are only one person and you DO educate every person you come into contact with. This lady made a selfish decision and she will ahve to face the consequences, and yes, so will her dogs down the road.

Dont beat yourself up about it. You tried.

Anonymous said...

You wanted to cry because she didn't take your dogs. She didn't give you money. It's all about you, isn't it. What would have happened to those dogs if she hadn't taken them? Oh, maybe you would have gotten them and could sell them. Jealous, perhaps? Still self righteous, I see. Whatev!

lpyrbby said...

Anon, sounds like you have a personal vendetta...

Dog Rescuer said...

I don't know who you are but you don't get it do you?? Two female JRT's really shouldn't live in a home together and getting two puppies at the same time is a bad idea.

GIVE ME MONEY!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! I don't get money for ANY OF MY DOGS. The adoption fee goes to pay for them and/or into the next dog.

If you have any idea what you are talking about then you would know that when someone contacts me that really needs help with their dog and if I don't have room then I courtesy post the dog for them OR for example someone contacted me yesterday saying they needed to re home a female JRT and later in the day someone contacted me from the same area saying they were looking for a female JRT. I put the two in touch. WOW I AM SO SELFISH!

Do you twist everything everyone says or just do it to me???

I DON"T SELL DOGS!!!! If what I do upsets you so much then why do you keep reading? Why do you keep bothering me.

You make me want to cry b/c you don't get it and it blows my mind that you don't.

Oh and another example of me being selfish is the 5 month old JRT with two broken legs that I just spent $2,500 on... Man I should be punished I am so selfish!

~Andeelyn~ said...

Good Lord Anon, When are you gonna pull your head out of your arse?? Seriously go buy yourself a clue we dont get paid for what we do we do it because we love animals. You are a self righteous witch that thinks your opinion is gold. Well lol im here to tell ya youre wrong. Get over yourself and get off the blog. You are annoying and inconsiderate. id love to see you do what amy does cause personally i think youd fall flat on your face!!

lpyrbby said...


Anon got the reaction they were looking for. Just remember that! Anon was TOTALLY wrong for what they posted and seriously pulling things out of a particular orafice, however, try not to let people with these obviously unjustified comments bring you down. It's not worth it. You have to trust and believe in yourself that YOU are doing the right thing no matter what!

There are many people out there that just DON'T get it and talking negatively to them in regards to their inability to comprehend doesn't really accomplish much.

Just a late night opinion on something I see fairly frequently. I learned best this type of person from my ex. All they want is to get your panties in a wad for a chuckle. Don't give in! :)