Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on Hope

I want everyone to know that the dog with the broken legs is named Hope. She had surgery today.. 3 hours of surgery. Total cost of surgery $2,000. This does not include the emergency vet visit, her 3 night stay this weekend, her staying over tonight, her additional medical care needed, her vaccinations or her spay.

Hope is my $3,000 baby girl!!

They surgery went as well as can be expected. The vet was able to put her bones back in line but there is no way to tell if she will have issues as she grows. Only time will tell.


Also, wanted you to know Marshall is doing very well.


~Andeelyn~ said...

I am so happy to hear that Hopes surgery went well! I will continue to pray that she heals quickly! I really hope marshall recovers from his mange i know its a hard thing to treat. When you get her home give hope lots of kisses from us!

Marie said...

i know i have told you before, but if i could have a male dog Marshall would be it