Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More emails and dogs in need

I have an update from yesterday. The 12 week old Pit Bull puppy was saved!!! Went home last night to a friend of the women that was trying to help the puppy! YAY!!!

(email #1)I found out today there are 3 JRT's in a shelter near Toledo area that need out ASAP... so I need to figure out how to get them and where to put them before it is too late. I just need to get through this week and get Louise, Coco and Dottie to their forever homes.

I have Woody a 2 year old male JRT, in a foster home but he has someone interested in him, I hope! I just emailed her to confirm he is housebroken. :-)

I have Scooter a 2 year old male JRT in foster care with a women who adopted from me. She really thinks she might want to keep him but she has two other JRT's. That is a lot of dogs with a lot of energy when you add in kids and a significant other!! I love her help but think she might quickly be overwhelmed if she keeps him. We will see what happens with that.... UPDATE: We talked tonight and the foster home is going to keep Scooter :-) I worry too much and just want everyone to be happy but everyone is so that is all that matters to me.

I have Buddy a 6 year old male JRT in foster care. Poor Buddy he isn't the smartest bulb in the room but he sure is sweet. He needs a home with a lot of patience and understanding... I am afraid I might have him for a long time. He has his age and the fact he isn't housebroken working against him. :-(

I have Ricky a 2 year old male Rat Terrier/Beagle who is in foster care. He just really wants to be a lap dog for ANYONE! He is playful but also a snuggle bug.

I have Lotto a 7 month old male Puggle in foster care. He is doing so much better and I think should be ready to go to a forever home by the end of the mouth! I haven't had any interest in him though :-(

I have Geo a male mix puppy who is in foster care right now. He is so sweet. I think he is about 8 months old and he is going to be BIG! At least I think so.. LOL!!

For the dogs I am responsible for placing I think that is it.... Oh and I still have Regal. Not sure what I am going to do with her. She needs such a special home. She isn't a bad dog just smarter then most people and a little stubborn. LOL!!
So here are the emails from today:

Email #2:

I am contacting you in hopes you can help me place a 7 month old jack russell puppy. I work at a clinic and this pup was found in the Target parking lot across from us. I placed him with an elderly lady and things didn't work out. He was a bit more than she could handle, as you could imagine. I have him for now but I am unable to keep him. I'm just not home enough to give him what he needs.
His name is Jo Jo and he has been neutered, has all of his shots which I have complete records of and he has had some training. He went through the pups program at C.R.C in Orient. He is a typicall jack russell, full of energy!!
If you have any ideas on placing him, please let me know. I appreciate any help you may be able to give. Please let me know one way or the other.
Thank You,

My response:

Hi -

What is C.R.C program??

I might be able to help. I have two foster homes about 2 hours from you (I am closer to 3 hours away) that might be able to foster this little guy.

Can you please provide me with info on him? Personality? housebroken? Likes kids? Likes other dogs? Likes cats? Has he ever shown aggression? Bitten anyone? Crate trained? etc. Also, if you can send a picture or two.

Anything else you can tell me that you feel is important would be great.


The girl emailed me back. Below is her email. So, I sent it to a foster home who are ready for another foster dog... just waiting on the pictures of the dog to make sure it is a JRT!

Hi amy,
C.R.C is the corrections reception center in Orient. The inmates there work with the pups on basic training. Jo Jo is a high spirited pup who like kids, loves other dogs and thinks my cats are his moving play toys. My cats are working with him on that!! He is mostly house broken. He will still have an accident once in a while. As any pup goes, he needs to go out frequently. When he is settled he loves to snuggle. I have never had a problem with aggression and he is crate trained but doesn't really like it :)
Jo Jo would fit in great to any active home. He just wants time and attention from his people. I will get a picture to you as soon as possible.
Thanks so much for getting back with me.


Email #3:

I went to a funeral in NY Jan 3rd. and rescued a 3 yr old spayed female JRT. They were going to take her to the pound where she would be put down. She was being locked in a crate for up to 20 hours a day. She was a bit skittish, but is fine now. I have her complete medical record. She was teased a lot by a 3 yr old and really does not like children. I wish I could keep her, but we already have one here in our small home.

She came from http://www.barberryjacks.com/home.html on Long Island. She will be 3 on Feb. 9.


So, I went to the link and there is a phone number. I called the phone number and explained the situation and asked if they take back their dogs. The guy got angry at me said that he already spoke to a women about this, said he isn't the breeder, he is a business man. I told him I didn't understand then who is the breeder and why is his number listed. He started screaming at me saying that it is none of my business what he does. I am so confused right now... seriously not even sure what to say or think.

So, the guy hung up on me. I really have no idea why. I barely said anything, just explained the situation and asked if they help in placing their dogs. I seriously was really calm and nice about it hoping that he would actually help.

I looked around on the site a little more and it says on the site:
"Any Questions about Barberry Jacks and our Pups can be answered either at (631) 521-4402 or Email: barberryjacks@gmail.com"

I am guessing this guy is some sort of puppy mill, dog broker guy. You can have a puppy shipped to you and you can pay through pay pal. That is scary. What am I buying a new pair of shoes?? UGH!

My response to the email:

I called the women and left her a voice mail. I will let you know if I hear back and the status.


I am getting the sweet little female JRT next week. The women is able to foster her for a little longer while I get Louise, Coco and Dottie settled into their new homes. I am posting her on my site today so check her out, she is CUTE!

Email #4:
Last night two stray dogs, wearing no collars were in my back yard. My yard is fenced but the gate was open. I went outside and they both came up to me. I kept the dogs in my garage until I could locate their owners. I walked the neighborhood this morning but no one seems to know who they belong to. I call the police but they have not had a report of any missing dogs. Can you take them?

My response:

Thank you for your email about the dogs you found. However, I cannot take in found dogs. If I take in a dog that was found and the owners are looking for the dog, I can be sued for stealing. If the owners can prove the dog is valued over $500 I can be charged with a felony.

It is a federal law the animal control in your county keeps a stray dog for 3 open business days to see if the owner claims the dog. If the owner is not found after that time, the dog warden has the right to sell or kill the dog.

Please contact your local animal control and have them pick up the dog. Please keep me updated on the status of the dog. I would hate for the dog to be put to sleep because the owners did not care about the dog.

Please also advise of what county you live in so that I too may check with that pound.


Email #5:


There is a senior Jack Russell at the Licking County Animal Shelter in Heath, Ohio. I have a Jack Russell, but couldn't have another as she is very protective of her territory. But I saw this little guy and wondered if you could help him. LCAS is a kill shelter and I've heard they are a gassing one. Please help him!!!!


I checked the web site and did not see a JRT. This is what I wrote to the women:

Thank you so much for your email. I did check Licking County's website and did not see the JRT. Do you have any more information? Also, I do work with Stop The Suffering and they are very good an informing me of any JRT that needs rescued from the shelters they work with, Licking County being one of their main pounds they pull dogs from.

If you can provide any more information and / or can go to the shelter to evaluate the temperament of the dog that would be much appreciated.


The women emailed me back. The dog isn't on the Licking County Website but is on the Petfinder account. She works and of course like most pound their hours are while she is at work so she can't go. So, I emailed my contact at STS to see what the status is and if I can get more information.

another update:

The JRT was pulled by another rescue group today :-) He is safe.


Email #6:

Here are some pics of a dog that needs to be placed in a foster home/rescue group he is at the pound right now until friday .Please let me know asap if your group has room for him.His name is Mickey ,5-6 yrs old,neutered great with kids ,not cats.very loveable.He is housebroken,loves people.

My response:

I fowarded the information to others. It is a black lab mix of some sort.. smaller dog.


Email #7

There is a JRT at Pike County pound that needs out NOW!


**Today is over with... well at least I am not going to be on email or the computer any more today. It is 10:19pm and I am going to get something to eat for dinner and go to bed.


~Andeelyn~ said...

Ok reading the post and then checking out their website left me dumbfounded so i couldnt help myself here is a copy of the email that i sent this breeder!

Hi, I just have a couple of questions and I understand ya may think im being a little hostile but I have concerns about the way you conduct business. You ship your dogs to people who send you money. You know nothing about who these people are what they do or what type of situation the puppies are going into. Does this bother you in the least? These dogs could end up in puppy mills or with back yard breeders! What if the person doesn't like the dog once they receive them, every dog has a distinct personality that needs to be matched with the right owner. Do you realize that last year alone there were 7 MILLION dogs euthanized? Do you know how many Jacks Russell's need to be rescued from pounds and kill shelters every year? I believe breeders like you are part of the problem, anyone who would ship a dog to ANYONE needs to have their head examined, they aren't buying a pair of shoes they are buying an innocent animal that has no choice where they end up.

Dog Rescuer said...

You should have tried calling.. by the way the guys name is Al and his wife is Michele.

He will just scream at you and say he is a business man just trying to make money. He doesn't care about the puppies. They are merchandise to him. :-(

Sara said...

i got puppy from Al at barberryjacks.com - he told me that the puppy was from a farm in ireland (i think he said it was his brother inlaws farm), and that they were flown in from this farm. this was also stated on his website at the time, roughly 1 1/2 years ago. after watching the website over the last year or so, i began to notice that he gets litter after litter after litter after litter. i began to realize that there was no farm in ireland, and the he must be using mills. does anyone know where the barberryjacks.com mills are located?

Dog Rescuer said...

Sara -
THAT GUY IS AN ASSHOLE!!!! One of his dogs owners DIED and I called him to tell him he screamed at me told me to "fucking mind my own business." I said I am only calling because the dog needs help finding a new home and he said "I don't breed them lady I just sell them." He hung up.
I called back and he answered "WHAT? Why can't you just leave me alone." I said Sir, I don't know why you are so angry I was just hoping you could help. He hung up again.
The guy is a jerk. I talked to other rescue people in the area and they said he is nothing more then a puppy broker and YES his website is a lie.
Did you know that ANY animal that is brought in from another country has to be on quarantine for something like 3 months. So, NO his website is a lie and the guy is nothing more then pimping out puppies.