Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a crazy few days..

Crazy not really in a bad way just plain crazy. Let me tell you my schedule the last two days.


8:30 got up went out side feed horse, goats, cats, dogs, cleaned dogs, goats and kitty litter. Played with the dogs. Also, ran on my tread mill for 1/2 hour. Yes, I have a tread mill in my barn so I can run while my dogs play :-) Very clever of me I think!

11:00 Quinn's family came to adopt him. after they left I jumped in the car and went to the vet office. I left the vet office at

11:45 and headed to June's to pick up adoption money to pay the vet. I then went to work to get a few things done. I left work at

1:30 and headed to pick up a 1 JRT and 3 Puggles

2:45 arrived to pick up Puggles and JRT

3:15 left to head back home. On the way home stopped at Margaret's to drop off front line and heartgard for her foster dog, Dottie. Then went home to drop off the JRT and then headed to the vet's to pay some on my bill and then headed back to June's to wash the Puggles in her grooming tub because they smelled so bad!!

4:45 arrived at June's to bath dogs.

7:00 left June's and went home and wormed the JRT, put away the Puggles and wormed them

7:45 arrived at Tyler's and made dinner.

8:30 ate dinner, checked email, watched some football and fell asleep.

Today's Schedule

8:00 woke up and went home.

8:30 feed horses, goats, cats, dogs. Cleaned up dogs and cleaned kitty litter. Played with dogs

9:45 Razzel was dropped off by his foster home. Continued playing with the dogs. Also, wormed the JRT and the Puggles.

10:30 Razzel's adoptive family came to meet him and adopted him!

11:00 they left and I continued to exercise the dogs.

11:30 Louis was dropped off by her owner who was no longer able to keep her.

11:45 put all the dogs away and settled Louis in.

12:15 - 1:45 helped Tyler with the construction on our garage. Never buy an holder house.. never ending projects!! UGH!!

2:00 left to go pick up Lily and Lucy who were getting adopted. I had to drive to Ashland to meet the transport.

3:30 met the transport and picked up the dogs and back on the road again.

4:45 back home and Lily's parents were waiting for her in my driveway. They helped me take Lily and Lucy out of the truck and walked them while I cleaned up Lucy's pee in the crate. Poor dog has been in the car since 11:00am. They adopted Lily and were on their way.

5:30 Lucy's family came and adopted her.

6:00 Back to the barn to play with the dogs and feed them and clean up after them.

7:00 get a shower

7:30 write this blog while my hair dries.


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