Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The word KILL

The word KILL is a strong word.  It sounds horrible, it sounds unjustified, cruel.  I also think it is over used by some in the rescue community or those that call themselves animal advocates.
When someone says to me "The dog is going to be KILLED"  in my mind I jump to the dog doesn't deserve this, how can someone KILL an innocent dog.  But when someone says to me "they dog is going to be euthanized"  I believe that there is a reason for the dog being euthanized and don't question it all that much.

The reason I am bringing this up is because there are people who believe that every dog should have a home regardless of the dog's behavior, aggression, illness, etc.  When a dog is going to be euthanized for aggressive behavior they tend to jump to the word KILL as if the dog being put to sleep is the very worse thing ever. In my opinion there are worse fates then being humanely euthanized.

Dogs are by nature pack animals.... meaning they like to be around other dogs, they don't want to kill them and shred them to pieces.  However, there are dogs that are that way.  To me this is not normal, to me this is a clear sign the dog is mentally suffering.  They are living in a world the rest of us aren't living in one of fear, one of pain, one of confusion.  Yet THEY DESERVE A HOME.  THEY DESERVE TO LIVE.  Deserve?  I am not sure about that.... they deserve to be treated humanely, they deserve to not be in pain and not to be suffering.  That is what every living thing deserves.

If a dog was hit by a car and you took the dog to the vet and the vet said to you.  "This dog is in a lot of pain, I am not going to be able to make the pain stop and he has zero quality of life, assuming he lives through all this trauma and pain"
Do you believe that dog DESERVES to live, DESERVES to go home with you and continue to be in a pain? Having no quality of life?  Or do you believe that dog deserves to be at peace and not in pain?

The same holds true with a dog that is aggressive towards other dogs or that is aggressive towards people.  Don't get me wrong, do what you can for the dog.... hire a trainer, talk  to a vet, work with the animal and really make sure that any decision you make is the right one FOR THE DOG!
However, if the dog is aggressive towards other dogs or towards people and has hurt other dogs or people and all the training and time and vets aren't and won't help this dog then the dog is clearily in pain, mental pain.  That is not normal behavior for a dog, to be aggressive.
So you mean to tell me that dog DESERVES to be in pain just so you can say "it's alive"
I don't agree.

What about my child, my baby niece, my BBF's toddler?  What about my dog?  Do they DESERVE to not be bit, hurt, scared for life, killed or mauled by the dog who is aggressive? Do they DESERVE to be safe?   When placing a dog that has aggression in a home out of your control you are putting others at risk.  All it takes is one mistake by the new owner or foster parent.  One time of not muzzling the dog in public, one time of  forgetting to make sure the collar is on tight, one time of opening the door just a little too wide when the girls scouts come selling cookies, one time of the gate being left open by the meter reader, ONE TIME, ONE MISTAKE.

The reality is, in my opinion, not all dogs DESERVE a home.  In my opinion all dogs DESERVE wait let me rephrase that ALL LIVING BREATHING THINGS DESERVE respect, kindness and to not be in pain, not be suffering