Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rescue isn't as easy as you think it is

A lot of people think "I love animals"  I can rescue animals.... it's easy, right?


There is a lot more to being a responsible rescue person and running a rescue operation then loving animals.  You have make decision with YOUR HEAD not your heart.  You have to know when to say no, you have to balance life.... your paying job, your family, your friends, every day life chores like laundry, cooking dinner - heck just eating, etc.   There are some that can and some that can't and you have to go into rescue knowing what you can and can't handle. If you aren't an organized person, if you can't separate your head from  your heart then this isn't for you.... I mean volunteer by all means but please don't do it on  your own  it seems to always end in disaster  FOR THE ANIMALS!

I just shake my head in disbelief when I hear of yet another rescue with too many dogs, dogs being in shelters / boarding / foster homes for YEARS, dogs not getting all the vet care they need, the dirty cages, the aggressive dogs they are spending thousands of dollars on because all dogs deserve a home.   It just never seems to end.  They put on such a good front, you think they are doing good stuff, they attend events, fundraisers, etc.   Then you get close to them and learn the truth.

If you are going to run a rescue, take a business class.  Learn what it is to run a business, then maybe you will be able to run a successful rescue.... maybe.  The second part is using  your head instead of your heart to make decision.  I have many many times had to put an animal to sleep that I loved so much but the truth is the dog wasn't safe, wasn't healthy, wasn't happy and me keeping it alive was making ONLY ME feel ok not the animal and in some case most certainly not the person that dog could potential hurt because of it's aggression.

Rescue isn't for everyone that is for sure

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