Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Application processing

You might think that rescuing a dog that is abused, neglected, starved, beaten, missing hair, broken bones, list goes on is the hard part. But I will be honest with you it isn't. The hard part is applications........ deciding what family would be the perfect or close to perfect match for dog X. I basically have to predict the future. UGH it sucks. And then like with the puppies I had 20 applications........ 12 that were approved 100% but there were only 4 puppies. Going over every scenario, reading what the references had said over and over again........... my head hurts. We selected 4 homes but what about the other 8 people?? They are so great, I want them to have a puppy too. Then I worry about them being angry, taking it personally. It seriously keeps me up at night when I have to make these decisions.

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