Monday, June 15, 2015

The ups and the downs

This year has been a great year so far with the rescue and really in my life.  I mean there are ups and downs but you just take the hits and keep on pushing through.  The good for sure outweighs the bad.

I found out that the person who had in the past, which is why the blog went off line for about 2 years has moved.  I feel bad for this person's spouse. They have reached out to me several times, you can tell the spouse feels bad for the way they were acting.  Just nice knowing I don't have to "look over my shoulder" on my own property any more.

2 weeks ago we had some pretty bad situations with 4 dogs.... 4 dogs all had to be rushed to emergency vets because of reactions to being fixed.  Makes me so mad, if they were just fixed in the first place then they wouldn't have gone through what they did.  All but 1 recovered.  We unfortunately lost one.  That was a long night.  Up till 2:30am with the Emergency vet, coordinating the pick up / taking to the emergency vet and then having to get up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to my works headquarters for a meeting.  It ended up taking me 3 hours to get to work, find a parking place and get into work. Because I was 10 minutes late for the meeting there weren't any seats so I ended up standing for 2 hours!!!!!!!!  I really thought I was going to collapse in exhaustion.  Took me the rest of the week and weekend to recover.

All in the name of rescue I guess.

The weekend turned out great with about 6 dogs getting adopted and then another one going home this week.  So the good for sure out weighed the bad...   Let's hope things stay positive..


English Rider said...

Assuming your co-workers are not total jerks, it's alright to say that you are feeling unwell and would appreciate some seat time, even if you were a bit late. Sometimes you have to "rescue" yourself a bit.
It sounds as though you are achieving a lot for the dogs. RIP the one who didn't make it:(
The neighbors move is also good news.

marian stoica said...

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