Sunday, March 13, 2016

Drunk Driver

Your best friend went to the bar, had way too many drinks and drove home.  However, on his way home he crashed the car into a ditch.  He caused some minor damage to his car.  You brushed it off as a mistake on his part.  You will just keep a closer eye on him and hope he doesn't do it again.

A few days later, he did it again.  Got in a car and drove drunk.  You brushed it off again saying it was a bad day and he was stressed out.  You watch him a little closer but don't really think much about it.

About a week later he gets in the car again, drunk.  This time he crashed the car taking out a telephone pole.  Causing some real damage to his car.  You have a long talk with him, explain to him this behavior is not ok.  He can't keep doing this.  You told him you were going to do whatever you can to help him so this doesn't happen again.  Things were going ok for about 2 weeks, then again he gets in a car, drunk.  This time he crashes into another car, seriously injuring the person in the other car.

Now you know there is a real problem, you get your friend help.

Not trying to compare or make light of drunk driving but my point is.... how many times does someone have to drive drunk before you realize there is an issues, there is a serious problem? Once, twice or just until they kill or hurt someone?

To me JUST ONE TIME I would be taking the drunk driving seriously.

So why is it that a dog can bite, bite, bite, send someone to the hospital, bite bite, send someone to the hospital, bite again and we keep making an excuses, we keeping blaming someone else.  Well maybe if so and so took the dog maybe if he wasn't around kids, other dogs, men, women, etc.  Excuse after excuse.   So tell me when is the biting aggressive dog issue taken seriously after it kills another dog or disfigures someone, maybe a child?


Leticia Holt said...

That is a great way to put it. A person who continually gets drunk and drives is at risk for causing great harm to people, which could mean permanent injury or death. Dogs that are aggressive and bite people need to be taken very seriously. No one should have to be injured or die from aggressive or biting dogs.

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