Friday, June 10, 2011

Deep breaths

I keep telling myself to get rid of negative Debbie downer people and I keep telling myself to STOP helping everyone else and start helping myself. Oh and I keep telling myself that I don't have to do everything, that I can accept help and that others can do it just as good as I can.

Now I am not just talking about dog rescue here, I am talking about EVERYTHING in my life. Yea, yea I know I am a control freak... I work really hard on not being one though. LOL! I also work really hard at my NON tolerance for stupidity and let me tell you working in dog rescue I have to work on that every day because WOW people amaze me. LOL My one rescue friend and I always say Stuck on Stupid. How did they make it this far in life without falling down more. LOL

As I wrote about before I have been focusing a lot on my friends baby. Just so heart breaking and I have been doing what I can to try to raise money for her. Well several people have not been very nice about what I am doing.. telling me what I should do or how I should do it and getting mad at me for not doing it a certain way or not including them more or whatever. Honestly, if it wasn't my best friend I so would have been like you know what people FU and walked away. But regardless of what they are doing to me it is my best friend and I would do anything for her. I did talk to the one person and tell him that his comments are hurtful and I have other responsibilities in my life like Work, my Farm, my Husband, my Dog Rescue and then on top of all if it trying to plan two benefits. Planning a benefit is a lot of work and stress and I don't need him saying hurtful things to make it more stressful. That conversation actually went pretty well. Hopefully that will squash that.

I just don't understand why people have to make things that have NOTHING to do with them all about them. Seriously!

The other person who is being super nasty honestly isn't worth my time. Granted it is a person that I will have to see and often but I am not gong to be mean but I am not going to be nice either. Just treat them like a stranger. I think that person being so nasty probably upset me the most probably b/c it was so so so uncalled for and totally off base. And honestly the other people saying stuff.. some I don't know and some I do but when they say a nasty comment I just say OK well then you do it. That usually shuts them up.

Seriously who needs the drama? NOT ME! Thank you.. I have enough dogs causing me drama. I don't think people really honestly get how stressful running a dog rescue is... it is always a balancing act to make sure everyone is happy. It is always a balancing act of which dog do I think would be ok in which foster home. And then if the dog doesn't work out in the foster home taking it back to my house or finding it another place to go asap. I am not complaining about what I have to do, don't get me wrong. I just don't think that people realize the stress that goes along with it and so they pile more crap on me and wonder why I can't handle it.

Just imagine if you planned on doing something a certain way and in the middle of doing it a total 180 and EVERYTHING you had planned was no longer valid. Maybe I am just too much of a control freak but that stresses me out. If I have expectations of how something should go and it doesn't go that way... ugh! Stress city. But if I don't have an expectation of a certain thing happening and something does get messed up it totally doesn't stress me out.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Well anyways, I still have two GSD mix puppies looking for homes and Lucky the Chihuahua Min Pin mix was supposed to get adopted but he decided to run away instead. UGH! Stupid dog. He ran away Wednesday night and I hadn't spotted him until this morning. Now if I could catch him.

I hope I catch him before he becomes Coyote food. And I am being serious. I have a feeling I will catch him this weekend... let's hope that really happens.

I haven't heard anything from MR.Crazy since I put up the Security Camera System. I love it. It has inferred so I can sit in my office and watch the goats and donkeys eating in the front pasture and I can watch the kitties in the driveway. LOL It was funny last night my mom let the dogs out the side door and I watched them run out of the house and into the drive way.. LOL! So cool.

As for the people who stole my dog, still being mean... you would think they would realize NONE of this wold have ever happened if they would have just signed the contract... so stupid, why do people have to be so mean.


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