Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I get so frustrated with people. I understand that dog pounds are EVIL but they are a necessary evil. If someone looses there dog that is the first place they should check and check every day until their dog if found. So in turn if you find a dog TAKE IT TO THE POUND!

By Federal all all pounds have to keep a stray dog with no tags for 3 open business days. That means you find the dog Saturday... Saturday and Sunday do not count as a business day and if they pound is closed on Monday then that day doesn't count either so that means Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday do count. That give someone almost a week before their dog can be euthanized or sold. And if the owner REALLY cared they would be calling the pound non stop looking for their dog. AND if you are so freaking worried about this dog that you found being put to sleep then go there on the 3rd day and adopt it.

I am just a little pissed off because a girl I grew up with called me looking for her JRT. She is 9 years old and spayed very much loved and taken care of but dogs will be dogs and she ran off. She searched for the dog and was told by a worker at the local town grocery store that two women picked up a dog matching that description in the parking lot and said they were going to take it to the shelter. Well poor girl checked the dog pound and NOPE checked every shelter she could think of and NOPE! I am so pissed. I guarantee you that either so rescue took in the dog and is going to place it up for adoption or one of the two ladies just decided to keep it.


Shit happens, dogs run off, just because it ran off doesn't mean someone doesn't love it.

Same bull shit happened last year... a family beagle that they had gotten the week before escaped from their fence. They searched and searched for the dog. A women found it and decided because it wasn't fixed that the people weren't good owners and she wasn't going to give it back. OMG! Well if the lady wouldn't be such a B she would have learned that their was already an appointment for the dog to be fixed but they only had it a week so it wasn't fixed yet.

UGH!! This is what gives rescue a bad name.

So freaking frustrated.


Mel Battison said...

To be perfectly honest, if I find a stray dog I won't bring it to our humane society.

They have a 3 day hold and after that hold is up, hopefully they will place the dog up for adoption. If the dog has behavioural problems.. well, obviously you know what happens. If we're lucky, they'll contact a rescue for help, but often times they don't.

For that reason alone I won't chance it. Our rescue was contacted a few months ago by someone who found a dog at the side of a ditch. The dog was brought to me. We contacted the humane society, put up posters in the area and ads up on Kijiji and other online sites.

We did locate the owner on Kijiji after she put up an ad for a missing dog, but she never did contact the humane society.

As long as people take reasonable steps in finding the owner, I don't see a problem with them not bringing the dog to their local shelter.

Dog Rescuer said...

But not everyone who keeps a dog puts up signs and ads that say "I found a dog"

If you are worried about a dog being put to sleep at the pound then go back and get it after the 3 day hold. That is why I do