Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Honestly it is just depressing

I need to build a freaking shelter! It is just darn right depressing there are so many dogs in need. I can't even begin to tell you how many dogs I have turned away in the last 2 weeks. INCLUDING PUPPIES! So, many are dieing because no one is adopting right now.

Oh and I put an ad in the Newspaper. JACK RUSSELLS for adoption all ages $150 w/ my phone number. I have received about 5 calls and every person is looking for a PUPPY for Christmas. I explain to them what I do and throw in little statistics of how many homeless pets there are and how REAL legitimate breeders you aren't going to find in the newspaper. Not sure it helps but oh well.

There are just so many dogs needing homes yet people won't stop breeding. UGH!


Fisher and Staff said...

I don't know how rescuers get the strength to keep up with it all. Hopefully having a chance to just spit it out will help a little. Please don't give up, but don't ruin you life, either. Rescuers are the greatest people on earth!
- Fisher

Anonymous said...

How many dogs do you have at the moment?