Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The thought makes me sick to my stomach...

I received an email from Clinton County Ohio. They had removed 27 dogs from a hoarder / puppy mill type situation. The dogs were living in horrible conditions, dirty, flea infested, malnourished, stained with pee and poo. Among all the dogs removed there were 2 JRT's.

First thought that entered my mind. "UGH I so don't have room, they are going to be so freaking backwards and it going to cost a ton of money and will never get adopted. I don't want them." Second thought "Great the male is going to be mean and I am probably going to have to put him down." Third thought "how the heck am I going to get them from Clinton County to me?"

Ok, so why was my thought process this way. I am going to be honest I hate taking in puppy mill dogs. They are always so backwards and 9 times out of 10 the males are so aggressive I can't put them up for adoption. As much as I hate getting them.... I love having them and seeing them blossom, I love it when they go from scared, pathetic nothings to DOGS! Dogs who play and run and cuddle and bark. I love watching them get use to freedom and not having babies after babies after babies.

Now here is what makes me sick to my stomach. After a wonderful girl named Ally drove all the way to Clinton County picked up the 2 JRT's and saved 3 other dogs who went to another rescue... she arrived at my house 8:10pm Monday night with the dogs. I was expecting the worse, they are puppy mill dogs.

WOW was I wrong. The girl is ALL personality, happy, bouncy a normal dog. She loves love LOVES people and just has to say hi to everyone. You couldn't ask for a better personality. She is 1 year old 10 pound cutie!

The boy is 6 months old and besides a little skin irritation from fleas and living in his own waste he is pretty good. He is scared, confused and un sure.. you can tell Puppy Mill life had already started to get the best of him.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of that sweet cute little female and what her future could have been. I look at how happy and loving she is and I think in 2 years from now you would have had 5 - 6 litters of puppies... Thank God she hasn't had one yet... you would have been scared of everyone and every thing, your teeth would have been rotting out of your mouth... you would be Tootie, my current puppy mill surviver who trusts me but pretty much no one else and has had most of her teeth removed because of bad diet. She has been with me since the spring and although has improved still has a long road ahead of her before she is a real dog.


Aimless Writer said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts to your new additions. Here's wishing them a great life!

Kada said...

Your thought processes about taking in the mill dogs are perfectly normal!!
Mill dogs can be really tough to deal with, but because of your kind heart, you went ahead and took them anyway, regardless of the potential problems.
I'm delighted that the dogs are in such good shape, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
They will quickly forget their former life, and will thrive in the presence of your loving kindness.