Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the season to DUMP your pets!

HOLY COW the shelters are PACKED, packed full of dogs. I have received at least, no joke 15 emails from people in the last 10 days asking if I can take their JRT for this reason or that reason. My favorite so far was the one from the women saying she loves her dog but he won't stop running away and she has already been cited by the city and her house community for the dog running loose. Um??? how about a leash or a fence?? That might help??!! But what do I know! LOL!

There are emails going around about dogs being tied up outside, freezing in this wonderful Ohio weather we are having. I have heard more then one story of rescues and regular citizens stealing dogs just to get them out of the cold. Not that the owners in some of the cases even have noticed their dogs is missing. Isn't that crazy??? The laws suck so bad that in order to save an animal you have to steal it!!

Last night on the news they showed these horses that were taken from an Auction House that were HORRIBLY emaciated and abused and neglected. My dad says "how can this happen" I said SIMPLE DAD our laws are REACTIVE not PROACTIVE. Even if you know the dog will freeze to death or isn't being fed or is being abused there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do legally to help. Shelter as defined by Ohio law is anything where an animal can get out of the elements... meaning if you tie a dog up to a tree and put a garbage can laying on it's side next to the dog and the dog can crawl inside the garbage can THEN IT IS CONSIDERED SHELTER! How ridiculous is that???

If an animal LOOKS healthy then as humane officer can't do anything to help it. So, unless it is emaciated then the humane officer or dog warden or police can't take the dog away from the situation.

PISSES ME OFF! So, by the time the dog or whatever animal looks bad it is so sick or so aggressive from being starved that bringing back to health is WAY more expensive and 50/50 chance the animal will survive.

Awesome society we live in, isn't it?

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kate said...

About the running away, we had a fence and took Osiris to the dog park EVERY day to run off his energy and we still couldn't keep him from running away. He'd knock kids over to get out the door. The shelter (to which he'd been returned 2-3 times before from other families) said that some dogs seem to be wired for running. *sigh*