Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not fair

It is so not fair that people are SO mean to a dog it makes them mean.

When it comes to dogs who bite there are several different types

*Scared biters - these dogs bite, snap, growl totally out of fear. They usually come around after you work with them and become normal dogs. It does take a lot of patience and honestly I usually let them come around on their own. Just let them be part of the pack, learn to be dog... I honestly think in all the dogs I have rescued I have never had to put a scared dog down for biting.

I did have one dog that was so scared that he didn't bit, but he FREAKED out and would squeal at the top of his lungs and pee ALL over himself and you and alligator roll. After 2 months and 2 foster homes we did have to put him down. It totally sucked.

*Crazy biters - these dogs bite with little do no warning. Something sets them off and it varies what it is... the wind, another dog, a bone, food, closing a door, opening a door. The poor dog is totally unpredictable. You know that they are either like this because their breeding is HORRIBLE or because someone beat them crap out of them and their little brain is just scrambled. These dogs there is absolutely nothing you can do, they aren't adoptable. I always give them time and hope they are going to come out of it but I yet to have one who does. One dog I even worked with for nearly 2 years... I was young, naive to rescue and wanted to save them all... learned my lesson there.. LOL

*Power biters - these dogs bite when they aren't in power. They are doing something wrong and you tell them no or you want them to do something like go to bed, leave a room, get off the couch. If they don't want to they will growl, snap and if you aren't quick enough bite. At first they act submissive, roll over on their back, crouch down when you tell them no or you tell them to do something. Then as they get more comfortable, they growl... then as they get even more comfortable the start to get really nasty.. Like going to eat you nasty. THEY WILL BITE! It is just a matter of when and how bad that you don't know.

You can try to work with these dogs but a lot of times they are not rehabilitate able. At least not enough to be adopted out... AND THAT REALITY SUCKS!

These poor dogs are this way simply because someone beat the living shit out of them SO MANY times that they are defensive and in their minds "they are going to get you before you get them" Honestly these dogs are the hardest for me. I think to myself if I work with them enough we can over come this. Sometimes I have been able to over come it but as soon as they are adopted out they revert right back and well every dog that showed this issue has come back either for biting or for coming darn close to biting. NOT COOL! That just makes me a bad rescue person by putting others in danger. And I feel like an a -hole because I knew the dog had the potential but thought I had worked through it.

Well I am sorry to say that I have learned my lesson on Power Biters and I am sorry to say I am putting down Power Biters... it just isn't worth the risk of someone getting hurt.

I think that pretty much sums up the reason dogs bite.. And honestly it is ALWAYS a humans fault. ALWAYS!! Either for abusing an animal to make them this way or because they in breed the parents and now the offspring are just not wired correctly.

UGH! This sucks, I have to have a dog put to sleep who I really like but he is a power biter. He is a sweet dog, good with other dogs, good with cats but the more comfortable he gets with the people around him and you tell him NO the NASTIER he gets. He will hurt someone and I would never be able to live with my self if he did.

Poor guy. So, not his fault he is this way. UGH! this dog rescue stuff sure does SUCK sometimes.


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

I don't know what you would have called my truly aggressive dog but he became human aggressive to me and then, he and my Pit Bull killed my personal dog Penney, who was lovely and not aggressive at all....I didn't kill him soon enough and will always regret it.

selkie said...

I can so relate to this post. My terrierx Darcy is a biter - directly related to the HORRIFIC experiences he had in the first 3 years of his life. I have had him 18 months and he still cowers if someone takes off their belt or you pick up a stick. and he bites. a lot. Not me, but even being tethered and watched like a hawk, he has bitten a dozen times (most of them my family!). Serious bites - scarring bites. I have been through one session with a trainer and am currently going through a second - it is his last chance and it breaks my heart, because I don't think it will work. But I have to try. He will probably end up dead, this poor wee dog who is so incredibly fun and affectionate when he is not terrified.

Kate said...

That is not really fair... sometimes we are being attacked by animals because of our cruelty to them. Actually, cases of animal violence are getting worst and worst. That is why my lazy bunnies are most of the time in the rabbit hutch for their safety against violent people.

Dee said...

I'm with you! I have 2 min pins I adopted from IMPS and I work with a LOT of dogs with my Pet Care business. Roxie, my first rescue was found in a small nasty piss and poo filled cage, beaten, skinny and little to no hair on my neck and chest. I found out by x-ray that she was shot by a beebe gun. Still to this day she is scared shitless of anything that sounds like a gun shot which is hard for me to train humans that you can not bring cap guns and things like that into my home. She knows she is safe with me and I always make sure that if a human doesnt understand what she goes through then they are never aloud in my house again. From the day I adopted her I have been working with her to get rid of her fears and keep her fit and healthy. She is beautiful, happy and loving!

Anonymous said...

Some dogs bite for protective reasons as well, although I suppose that would usually come under 'fear'. I've heard stories of an abused dog who was lovely with all people... until one day he saw someone push his owner over (only in jest). Not a big dog, but they had to hold him down.

Dog Rescuer said...

@ Anonymous - totally understand and honestly my dog has bit someone for being rough with me. However, he is MY DOG and I am not trying to find him a new home. I also know his triggers and make sure not to put him in that situation. Also, he isn't suffering...

unfortunately biting dogs and what to do with them of for them isn't a black and white... each situation needs to be evaluated.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt find your email address could you please email me. I need some advice and cant find too many resources to help me with my doggie around our area. My email is Thank you!