Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Year in Review 2010

2010 was a crazy year, I learned a lot and had some heartbreaks but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right!?

In 2010 this is what happened

* 6 litters of puppies
* 183 Dogs rescued
* $15, 000 in vet bills (remember I do my own shots!!)
* Grand total of dogs placed 558 since November 2005
* $3K leg amputation
* 3 cancer dogs
* 4 heartworm positive dogs
* Bladder stone surgery for a dog
* Chaz, my personal dog passed away :-(
* Congestive heart failure dog who has now become part of my family until his time comes
* Adopted dog passed away after being hit by a car
* Adopted dog from 2007 returned and due to health issues had to be EU'd
* Adopted dog from 2007 was put to sleep by owner after battling cushings
* Adopted dog from 2008 died from cancer
* Eye removal surgery
* Started offering Micro Chipping
* Received a discount from a Pet Insurance company to offer to adopters.
* Rescued and adopted out a deaf dog
* Rescued and adopted out a blind dog
* Had to put an old dog down because she was so sick
* Had to put a dog down for mental illness and unexplained aggression
* Had to put a dog down that had uncontrollable seizures
* Had to put down 4 dogs for uncontrollable aggression issues.
* Had to put an older dog down for health issues
* Had a dog with a broken jaw
* Took in 95 pure breed JRT's
* Got some amazing new foster homes
* Have meet a lot of cool people and great adopters
* Was only $300 in the hole...
* Did our first fund raiser with Love-a-Stray at Quacker Steak
* Rescue received $400 from Pay It Forward on Fox 8 News in Cleveland Ohio
* Full page color article in the news paper about me and the rescue efforts
* I won an award at work for dog rescue
* Courtney a foster home got married
* Andrea a foster home and Senior Rep had a baby
* Kim/Bob foster home had a baby


Allison at Novice Life said...

Great Accomplishments Amy!

Christie said...

Good, good year Amy! Keep it up!

House of the Discarded said...

You must be really proud after listing all that! WONDERFUL!