Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today I want to cry

Today the stress, the sadness it all just a little too much to take.

I have a situation with a person that I will kindly call Mr. Crazy. I am really starting to get scared about what Mr. Crazy may do, I am seriously. I am fearful that I or one of my animals is going to end up hurt or worse. That is not a very good feeling. I try to go on with my day and do my normal routine but it is very stressful to always be "on the look out," to hear a noise and jump up to check on what it might be, to be afraid to allow the goats, the donkeys, the dogs out in their fence because something might happen. I am working on affording a camera system to protect myself and my animals. This is definitely the worse feeling ever...

I have 3 people who want to give their dogs back. Only 1 is because of circumstances. They truly love the dog but life has thrown them lemons and unfortunately there isn't a way to make lemonade. Honestly, it is harder for me to take back a dog that I know is loved and wanted but do to circumstances can't be kept. The other 2 just make me shake my head. I hope with some couching and thinking it over they get a better out look on life and decide to keep the dog but my hopes aren't high so I am making arrangements.

I did get in 3 new dogs today. They seems to be really nice little dogs. The one is a little hyper right now but I have a feeling he will settle down. At least I hope.. LOL!

Just feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure. Unsure about when the dogs will be returned, unsure of what Mr.Crazy will do next and all the request for dogs that need help. I feel like everyone in the state of Ohio with a 8 - 13 year old JRT wants to turn it over to rescue. Jesus people you have had the dog for this long what in the world could be so bad you need to find it a new home now??

Then I get an email from a girl, I am not even calling her a women who has a lab mix who is due to have puppies any day now and this is her 2nd litter. They are moving and can't afford to take the mom and puppies with them.

Ok, honestly I am a little upset about this and feel that the ball was seriously dropped. The women told me that they gave 2 of the puppies to a local rescue group. WHY THE HELL DID THE RESCUE NOT EDUCATE THIS GIRL AND / OR FIX HER FEMALE! I will be calling the rescue and talking to their director. I am really disappointed.

What the hell is the point of doing rescue if you don't educate. Keeping your mouth shut and just taking the puppies isn't helping anyone. EDUCATE! If you take the puppies fix the female. So, what it costs you $100 - $200 to fix their female would you rather place another 70 plus puppies? I would rather spend the money then bringing more dogs into this world!

This rescue shit SUCKS! You are fighting a battle every day that you are NEVER going to win, you are NEVER going to see an end to the suffering, you are NEVER going to see the day where there aren't puppy mills, you are never going to see an empty shelter... NEVER EVER

So, why the hell would you at least not try to educate?

I need a bottle of wine and a good cry.


Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

We will win...every day, with each dog placed in a loving home, with each dog altered - you make a difference to that dog, to those puppies never to be; to that family who is heart sick but wants to do right by their dog. Tie a knot, hang on, enjoy some Chablis and KNOW you make a difference - one dog at a time.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Hang in there Amy.

How you contact the police about Mr. Crazy? Maybe they could offer some peace of mind for you.

House of the Discarded said... I know this feeling all too well. I'm glad that we can all lift each other up through these moments.

I just rescued a cat from the shelter that somebody threw out a car window. That was their way of disposing of the animal. Cowards.

You know we make a difference. Put up the emotional wall for a few days to heal your heart, and you'll be ready to go again. At least that works for me.

Doesn't the rant feel a little good? :) :)