Thursday, December 8, 2011

The dog food I like the best

The dog food I like the best can ONLY be purchased at Tractor Supply Company.

I have had MANY litters of puppies and I have tried a few different puppy / dog foods with the litters and with some of the rescue dogs that come in. Now I don't switch them around once they are on something.. I just try different food with different litters/dog/puppies.

What I have found after years of doing this is that the dogs LOVE the crap food. I mean come on why wouldn't they, it is like us living on a bag of Doritos.

I have tried the Nutru, which is good dog food not the Nutru Max but the regular Nutru. However, some dogs don't like it and it is pretty expensive. I do use their diet food for my "plump" 8 year old female JRT. She is a PIG! That is another issue not for this topic. LOL

I just recently tried Diamond dog food. Always heard good things about it and I put the mom and puppies that we currently have on it. Unfortunately, the foster home has mixed in some other food so I can't get a really good read on how they are doing on it but again another topic for another day. LOL

I did read the ingredients on Diamond dog food and found that not all the Diamond food is good. Some of it has a lot of corn, soy or wheat in it and other bags didn't. I found that interesting that one company would have such different ingratiates in their food. The crappy thing is, you can't recommend Diamond because you can say for sure which "flavors" are good or not good until you read the ingredients and the general public isn't going to go to that much trouble. I mean that is obvious with stuff like Alpo on the market still.

The food that I have found that is consistent is 4 - Health. It can only be bought at Tractor Supply and my dogs LOVE IT. My husbands dog will NOT eat the Diamond dog food at all. Gave him a full bowl of 4 - Health and he ate it like it was going out of style. Gave him Nutru... he wouldn't really eat it.

He is VERY picky! Tractor Supply might be a bit out of my way but if that is what makes my dogs happy, healthy with nice teeth, shinny coats, smooth hair then that is what I will buy. AND the nice thing is, it isn't expensive. It is a reasonable price!

Someone sent me this on 4 - Health if you want to check it out


Allison at Novice Life said...

Thanks for the suggestion Amy. we are looking to make a change. Our dogs have wonderful coats and we're complimented all the time, but the food we've been feeding can be pricey and we think it might also be contributing to their less than stellar breath so we'll definitely check out this brand!

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I agree 4health is a great food & reasonably priced. 2 of ours love it, but the 3rd one refuses to eat it.

The 3 mama dogs & puppies that we have fostered have been on Diamond puppy food & have done really well.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

I've used Diamond Naturals; like them a lot and so do my dogs. Will check out 4 Health; I'm a fan of TSC.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Nutro, Wellness and Evo. While the food is pricey, I sleep well knowing my pups are getting the best. I sometimes treat them by stirring some of their good dry food with hot (not too hot) water and dehydrated dog food from The Honest Kitchen...A big tail wagger all around!

BTW, if you have cats, try Tiki Cat moist food...literally chunks of human-grade healthy prawns, ahi tuna, sardines, mackerel and some chicken for good measure...all south pacific caught to eliminate dangerous metals) The dogs love to lick the cans!
Sorry...this is an issue about which I am very passionate...I have read that poor quality ingredients like animal by-product and animal fat can actually consist of formerly ill and/or euthanized animals (including dogs and cats)! see:

I am really excited to try Amy's suggested brand the next time we are out @ Tractor Supply! It would be great to find something that is as good for my fur kids as it is for my wallet!

Anonymous said...

4health is made by Diamond.