Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maximum sentence for Ohio dogfighting suspect (Petition)

Cleveland OH: On December 22nd, a raid was conducted on a residence where 28 Pit Bulls were found living in horrible conditions along with what appeared to be a fighting ring. (Source.)

Of the dogs seized, 18 were just puppies. The dogs were skinny, trembling in fear and covered in both old and new scars. There were 10 adult dogs in the back yard and many of them were nursing mothers. Also found were dead puppies in the back yard. No food or water was seen anywhere.

In the basement police found a blood-spattered ring, apparently used for dog fighting. This is where the puppies were housed. It's believed these dogs were used as bait dogs in the dog fighting operation.

Police issued an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Collin Rand, Jr., who turned himself in 3 days later, where he is being held on charges of felony dog fighting.

One of the dogs found at the scene
One of the dogs found at the scene
Fox 8 Cleveland Video screen capture

A petition has begun directed at the Cuyahoga County Judge who will hear this case, asking that Rand receive the maximum possible sentence for this crime.

The dogs are currently being evaluated with the adult dogs being held at the Cleveland City Kennel, and the puppies at the no-kill facility for the Northeast Ohio SPCA.

The future for these dogs remains unclear, but so far none of them has shown an ounce of aggression towards humans or other dogs. The plan for the puppies is to allow them to gain weight and then be adopted into loving homes.

Please consider adding your signature to this petition. This is a, where anyone can sign it. According to the chart linked below, dog fighting in Ohio is considered a 4th degree felony, with a maximum sentence of 6 to 18 months in jail and/or up to a $5000 fine.

Dog fighting is horrendous, with innocent dogs being made to fight for their very lives. Bait dogs are used to "teach" the fighters a taste for blood and how to kill another dog. Dogs involved in this horror either die in the ring, or end up being killed or merely dumped like trash to fend for themselves.

The monsters involved in dog fighting need to be sent a clear message that this illegal nightmare for dogs will be punished to the maximum extent allowed by law.

These dogs are at the mercy of the humans who hold them captive and force them to fight, and they have no voice except those of the advocates.

Thankfully the puppies will never have to know that life, and hopefully the adult dogs will also be adopted into loving forever homes, where they will never be forced to fight or be harmed again.

Click here for the petition: "Say NO to Dog Fighting – Maximum Sentence for OH Man Accused of Fighting Dogs".

Click here for more information about this case, and a video of the dogs when they were seized.

Click here for a chart of some state dog fighting laws.


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