Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Eve

I woke up around 7am so I could get my day started and all my chores done in time to go to Grandpa's house. Nina the little black lab girl who we believe was thrown from a car and is missing most of her hair on one side slept in the house peacefully all night. Went down stairs let the house dogs out...Scout, Nina, Petey and Hobbes. Everyone came in, ate breakfast and then it was out to the garage where the foster dogs are kept in crates in a heated room all set up for them (the room is also known as my husbands workshop... lol).

Yeager, Mia and Rosie all went out side and I fluffed their beds, gave them fresh food and water and then put them back in the room, not in cages....well except for Rosie so she would eat her food. Rosie I am baby sitting. She was from the Parvo Litter from 2009. She comes over and stays whenever her family is out of town. She has a sensitive stomach so can only eat her food or she will get the runs.

I went back in the house to get all bundled up to go to the barn to take care of the 9 horses, 2 goats, 2 donkeys, 6 plus cats (I say plus because there are a few ferrals but I am not sure how many) and the chickens (24 total).

It was such a sunny morning and the ground was still frozen so I went for a walk with all the dogs. Yeager was leaving at 9:30am and I wanted to make sure he got to play and say good bye to everyone.

We then went to the barn and started on our chores. Yeager's new mom showed up right on time and Yeager was off to his new home for Christmas. Truthfully he was a little muddy / wet from our walk but I did try to clean him up the best I could.

Once all the chores were done off to take a shower and get ready to go to Grandpa's.

On my way to Grandpa's we had to stop to pick up some bread and I received a phone call from Freckles foster to adopt home. Freckles needed to come back NOW! She is high energy and knocked over the wife's 82 year old father. I made arrangements for Freckles to be returned as soon as I was home.

THEN pooped up an email on my phone. Email clearly has been slow all day b/c of it being Christmas Eve. It was a message from someone that adopted about 3 years ago... they were taking the dog they adopted to the Humane Society and wanted me to know. UGH! What the hell!!

I immediately called the adopters and asked what was going on, I got a bunch of stories none of which made much sense. I explained the dog needed to come back to me and they weren't able to b/c they didn't have car and it was an emergency and his wife and children are in danger and he doesn't live in Ohio any more but his wife and kids do.... nothing made much sense.

I called the Humane Society which were EXTREMELY nice and professional and helpful. I made arrangements for the dog to be surrendered to them, the adopters had to pay $20....wish it was more. And I will go pick the dog up on Tuesday, the next day they are open.

The Humane Society said the people weren't have cooperative... not that either of us were surprised. They are claiming the dog is not aggressive, has never bitten anyone but killed the neighbor's cat and that is why they were turning him in. The supervisor of the shelter said the dog was super friendly wagging his tail and was very well behaved. THANK GOD they told me what they were doing.... he would have been euthanized b/c he killed a cat. They are unable to adopt out a dog that has killed another domesticated animal. Poor dog.

All of this rigamarole took about 45 minutes away from family b/c I was sitting in a car, looking up the humane society's phone number and had to make arrangements... Can you believe the adopters expected me to drive 1 hour to their house right then and there to get the dog. Are they out of their minds?? Seriously, you are the ones that decided the dog needed to go RIGHT NOW! when after 3 years and I just spoke to you a few months ago and everything was just great!

Sorry but people are rude!

Anyway once I got that all figured out, I get home check Facebook and see where an adopter who adopted a JRT in March was posting how the dog had cataracts and has gone blind. They seemed a little upset like it was my fault at first, I was a bit taken aback. I messaged back right away and told her I would help the best I could and told her that if she would have contacted me sooner I would have done more to help since her vet said this would be the outcome from the cataracts. I just feel horrible. I don't ever want anyone to have to go through a hardship with a dog but at the same time, I didn't create them. I just take them from one bad situation and try to place them in a loving better situation.

I realize that I am not going to know everything about every dog but I do my best to help in every situation even after adoption and that is 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 10 years... especially within the first year, if something medical or behavioral is going on, I will work with the adopters on vet care or training. I just wish people wouldn't wait until the last minute to tell me about issues. I am here to help, I am here to do what I can but I can't help if you don't tell me.

My father in law asked me the other day "Is it all worth it?" My answer was I don't know. but then I come home to see Nina who would surly be dead, she would have died alone, scared and never knowing safety or kindness or love and I think maybe it is and I also think what can I do differently? what can I do to help people understand I am here for them and the dog for the life of the dog... hell in some case even after the dog passes. I still talk regularly to two adopters whose dog they adopted from me passed and one family who adopted from me and then 2 months later the dog was hit by a car and died.. they got another dog from me and are just an amazing family, I just think they are great and have given an amazing life to Dexter.

What can I do to help people understand I am here to help? What can I do to make people happy?

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is: Try to please everybody. - Herbert Bayard Swope


April said...

You do what you can for the health and well-being of the dogs. That is what you know and you do well. One dog at a time you make a difference for the life of that animal. People are much harder to figure out. Here's hoping for a better 2012. Keep focused and don't let the negative actions of a few affect all the good things you do. Give Nina a big hug for me. You and Tyler have a wonderful holiday and know that you both make a difference!

P.S. Still think you need to add a little black lab girl to your pack, lol

Anonymous said...

Keep with it you are not alone I have 7 feral cats, kittens that I have since adopted out and 5 dogs one is a pit male agressive I have found on the side of the road.

Take this girlfriend...We are a determinded like minded breed.You will get them homes. I feel for you and whatever you need from me support just email me. I am working on one stray now eating from the garbage.