Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you afraid?? Be careful

I must say I am shocked at people's reaction when I say I rescued a few Pit Bulls.

"Are you afraid of them?" I had the lady at the dentist office ask me. No I am not are you afraid of a Chihuahua? "No?!" she said all confused. Well I am! I have been bitten by more Chihuahua then any other dog... never been bit by a Pit Bull.

Then I went on to tell her that they are the sweetest things ever. Even though they came from a horrible horrible life of abuse they are so sweet and ready to please and listen so well.

THEN I get an email from someone IN RESCUE who knows of a JRT that the family "kicked out of the house" because they got a new dog and she has been living outside eating garbage for the past 3 months. The RESCUE person said in her email "If it really is a JRT be careful introducing it to other dogs!"

WTF seriously! you are a rescue person and you are allowing yourself to stereo type like this! UGH!!

Just irritates!


Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

I must admit that I used to be afraid of pits, but that was before I learned about the breed and actually now have one in the family (my sister-in-law has one and she is the sweetest goofiest girl!!). I think that most people are like this because of the way they are portrayed in the media and have gotten such an unfair bad rep, due to horrible humans who train them to be ferocious.

And that's really sad about the JRT getting kicked out of the house. I swear, just like some have no right having babies, there are many who have no right having a dog.

Susan Blatz said...

On behalf of Tundy, my foster Pit mix, and sweetest snuggle bug ever, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thought this might give you a lift!

A benefit book launch at Pacifica dog boutique AnnaBee's will host three former 'Michael Vick dogs' on Saturday, January 21 from 1-4pm. The dogs appear in photographer Melissa McDaniel's newest book titled, "Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs - 82 Dogs the Media Doesn't Want You to Meet."

Harpurr's Mom

Stephani said...

My sister was bit in the face by a friend's elderly dachshund when she was a kid. When I got my pit, my mom would tell her to "Be careful, you can't trust them near your face and throat, they can just snap and their jaws lock" I am still working on convincing her that he is not dangerous, and it hurts hearing about all the negative things people say about them. I love my pit more than anything and he would do anything in the world I asked him to. Most loyal breed out there if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pits! They are some of the sweetest and must misunderstood breeds. I have never in my life met an aggressive pit. They are so sweet and loving. People need to do their research before they write off a breed, especially if they are a rescue organization!!! No breed should be stereotyped by anyone especially a rescue group!!

Sandra@all natural dog treats said...

I think people are afraid of pitbulls only because they look precarious. You know humans have this tendency of judging people( similarly dogs) by the way they look. Anyway, ignore these ridiculous people. Sooner or later they will know the truth.

Anonymous said...

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