Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things are so slow

Today's adoption event was not very good :-( Lady went to a foster to adopt home.... honestly that could go either way. I have a wife and son who are VERY sold on Yeager but not sure Dad is on board. They said they would call me on Monday. Jack got adopted today but he gets neutered on Feb 8th and their dog is getting neutered on Feb 13th so he doesn't go to his new home until the 18th.

Had a lot of people interested in Freckles (aka the upside down dog) but no takers :-( I have cute little Nemo and Ray and no interest in him at all, how the heck do puppies not get adopted. It was so slow today... I am so bummed out.

Piper was brought back yesterday so now I have an extra dog. just what I needed....

Cliff did go to his foster to adopt home and the first day report was positive.

I must say we have way more luck at Rural King then we do at PetSmart. Rural King is way easier for adoption events, people are WAY NICER, way more supportive and the store doesn't act like we are an annoyance. Feel that way at PetSmart. Maybe we just need to go there more so that people know to look for us there...

We will be back at Rural King on Feb 11th and PetSmart on Feb 12th. At least PetSmart said I can set up a table Friday night with information on dogs up for adoption and a Flier that says we will be there on Sunday. I REALLY hope that weekend isn't a bust. Adoptions are so slow right now.... I hope things start to pick up soon. There are so many dogs that need help and it is so sad then I can't help.

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