Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paws Crossed

Things have been slow when it comes to adoption but we did get two good applications for the two dogs we took in last week. They were left in a house after the owner moved out. Apparently the owner was a hoarder.. not of animals but of stuff. I guess there were 3 cats in there too.

January has been nothing but one emergency after another. Between the rescued bait dogs, the emergency vet visit, Roxy's surgery, the emergency take in of the boxer mom and puppies... just been crazy.

Hoping that things start to get better as far as emergencies slowing down and adoptions picking up.

The pounds are full, I can't even look any more b/c I can't help.

There is an emergency at my local pound that I will take in on Saturday.. .I REALLY shouldn't be taking anything in. I have to get our numbers down so I can go on vacation. UGH! it is so hard to say no when you know that no means DEATH.

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