Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Penelope UPDATE

She had her surgery yesterday. The vet said that a lot of her skin issues are OLD and most of the black that you can see is scaring. She is going to be put on medication for the next 30 days to help clear up her skin BUT she is going to have a lot of scaring and missing hair :-(

Her ears were cleaned out and those are looking better already.

Bladder stones were removed, there were 5 large ones about the size of a golf ball when put together! The vet said they have been there for a long time. He doesn't think they will come back, sometimes it can be chronic but doesn't think that is the case here. Looks like it is from poor diet.

She wasn't spayed so that happened too. The GOOD NEWS is she has never had puppies and the vet thinks that she is young... 3 maybe 4.

Her abscessed tooth did blow on Sunday, by Monday it was pretty gross. Of course that was taken care of too. The vet said her mouth was really bad. They took out 5 teeth and cleaned up all the rest. She has a nice looking set of teeth now :-)

Her face and neck were so swollen from the infection in her mouth that she now looks different. Almost skinny.. .isn't that horrible. ugh!

She is stayed the night at the vet office. I felt better with her staying there over night. I will pick her up today.

Now what she needs is A LOT of TLC, medication and a place to recover.
I will try to get some pictures up of her soon.

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