Saturday, February 25, 2012


My day today started with me letting foster dogs out and feeding horses at a little before 9am. Then had to run to get my truck from the mechanic shop where I had to have my rear window wiper motor replaced for the 2nd time.. grrrr.. Plus an oil change and tires rotated.

Then ran home to load up Scout my husband's dog, Hobbes my JRT and my Pit Bull Freedom AND Hatchi a dog that I was watching for a rescue friend. I had to drop Hatchi off at her house b/c he was getting adopted and then off to an agility class. Scout and Hobbes were in the agility class and Freedom was there to see the boarding facility b/c I am going to board him there while I am on vacation.

My husband and I stopped for a quick bite to eat and then rushed home b/c I had appointments starting at 3:00.

By the time I got home there was a family already there waiting for me. Then another family showed up about 15 minutes later. Oh and when I got home everyone who has a horse at my house was pretty much there working / visiting with their horse.

Then I had another family come at 4pm to see the JRT puppies, then another family for the boxer puppies at 5 and then donations dropped off around 6. And Courtney, another girl who has a horse at my house who I am helping her work her horse showed up about 5ish too. So I was helping her while showing people puppies.

I also helped my husband do stalls, cleaned kitty litter, cleaned dog cages.... I then had to put away donations and clean up storage area and and and and.....

today was non stop all freaking day started on my feet at 8:30am and didn't stop till 9pm.

long day and tomorrow is the same.

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