Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow storm and adoption day

Despite the total WHITE OUT condition our adoption event went really really well. One the sheriff's deputies brought his mom to the event to get a dog. His mom is older and lives alone. She lost her dog in November and missed having a "lab buddy"

Then a nice couple from Wellington (normally 20 minutes away) made the trip to adopted Nemo. They saw his picture online and just fell in love him. I hope the guy doesn't think I am rude. He called the store at the beginning of the day and we were SWAMPED! There were people there waiting for us to set up. It was crazy busy and seriously we had a white out snow storm this morning. I thought it was going to be DEAD!!

We had a pre approved application that drove in the snow storm from Highland Heights (normally about 45 minutes away). It took the poor lady almost 2 hours. She said her son asked her "mom are you sure this is worth it" when they were in the car. lol She was so excited to adopt Ray and I think Ray Ray just loved her. She was a super nice lady.

A nice couple was very interested in Yeager but they have 4 cats and I can't promise Yeager is good with cats. They wanted to try him on an over night stay and see how things go with that cats. So we will see tomorrow, they are supposed to call me in the morning and let me know either way. I hope it works, they were nice people. Paws crossed on this one.

Then we had one very strange person complete an application. His entire application was a lie... address, phone number, information about Landlord, dog / vet information.. UGH! THANK YOU JESUS that when I FINALLY got his Landlord's correct phone number he said they couldn't have a dog. I don't want to be mean but I wasn't liking the application at all... well b/c the entire application was a lie and the guy was well not someone I would want to adopt a dog to.

Oh and then get this I got a message from someone today through facebook that said
"Well Thanks for not remembering who I am! There are so many other rescues I can help and donote money too! Have a nice day!!!"

HUH??? Ok, this isn't a person I have ever met and she apparently sent me a message back on Jan 28th that I never saw.. my only guess is b/c I didn't write back she is upset but I honestly have no idea.

It has happened to me before where all of a sudden a message pops up on my fb page that is old and for some reason I didn't see it before. HAHAHA what is even more funny is a girl who interned at my work last summer just sent me a message today that said she was sorry for just messaging me back, I had sent her a message about a week ago and for some reason she didn't see it until just today. hahahaha SO I know I am not the only one...

Seriously though who sends a message like the one I received to someone... I am so taken aback.
What is even more crazy is the women has my phone number, call me if you needed something.

I almost emailed the person back saying "I am so sorry that I haven't responded to a message that I never saw. I probably didn't see it bc I have been working some crazy hours at work. I do work a full time job that is nearly 50 hours a week but since I resigned and I am changing companies I have been putting in even longer hours. AND my 2 elderly parent live with me, my dad is in poor health and my mother came down with shingles at the end of Jan so been kind of worried about her. PLUS with the Pits we rescued I have been very busy working with them, PLUS taking in Penelope last week and dealing with all the other emergencies with the rescue lately. I also have a full working farm complete with 9 horses, 2 rescue goats, 2 rescue donkeys, 6 rescue cats and my 2 dozen chickens. So I am very sorry that I have been so busy that I didn't notice your fb message to me asking me to call you if I needed anything. "

But I refrained from being a biiiiii.... and instead emailed her back "HUH? I am so confused. not remembering you? what are you talking about?"

To be honest someone that unstable I would rather not be around. WOW!

Must say I am SUPER SUPER lucky that the people who volunteer for my group are FREAKING AWESOME!! I love being around them and they are totally helpful and have come up with some awesome ideas. My one friend said the rescue she is involved in the women all fight and gossip about each other. WOW am I lucky b/c we totally don't have that.... Thank you God for surrounding me with some awesome people!

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