Monday, October 22, 2012

The last two weeks..

I am happy to report that the adoption event on the 13th was good.

Monkey the JRT puppy who as returned after 1 hour because the lady decide it was a Chihuahua was adopted by this great couple.  I  have pictures of him happy with his K9 sibling on FB.  YAY!  Oh and this is so so funny....  When I got to the store to set up everything GUESS WHO WAS THERE!  HAHAHAHA the daughter of the women who returned Monkey.

I smiled and said how are you.  She said fine.  I said you know I can't approve you to adopt anyone, right?  She said I know.  Moments later I saw her mother standing next to her.  I said "hey Lauren the women there is the blue jacket would like to see Tanner the pure breed Chihuahua."  Tanner I pulled that week from Cleveland City Kennel. LOL!  Lauren walked over to her and said you want to see Tanner.  The women made some nasty comment about she is not going to be subject to a 7 page contract (keep in mind my contract is 2 pages) and walked away all put off.  Lauren just looked at me and I started laughing and I said. That is the women who believe Monkey is a Chihuahua. I know she heard me and I don't care!

I then over heard the daughter say "I am sorry mom I didn't know she would be here"  They both stomped out of the store.

Not too much longer maybe 1/2 hour a women came up to me.  And said "Hi how are you?"  I said "good"  She asked how my parents were, my sisters, my brother and asked how everything at the farm was.  She clearly knew who I was but I had not a clue who she was.  I played along... unfortunately there is such an age difference between my siblings and I that they would drag me around to places and people know me because of them but I was young so it didn't really leave an impression on me.  If that makes sense.

The women then said "My mother (or maybe it was mother in law) got a dog from you but had to bring it back"  I said "Oh right after 1 hour because she decided it was a Chihuahua and it wasn't"  She said "well it looked different there hers"  I said "yea, well I am not JCPenny and I told her that.  She spent 2 hours at my house with him.  He was NOT a Chihuahua"  I then turned to someone else to ask a question about what I was working on.

Don't you dare try to play it like I give a flying monkey that you know my family.  My parents think your mother (or mother in law) is an idiot just as much as I do.  I am not apologizing for being upset that she wasted my time.  Nice try though!

Oh who else went home... Wanda.  My girl Wanda.. Oh was a great dog that was and to come from such a crappy start.  Sure glad she is in a home safe and sound.

The puppies this past week have been doing great too.  They are finally pooping poop instead of worms. UGH!  That was gross, let me tell you.  Mom dog is pooping good solid poop too.  Makes clean up so less gross and much much easier :-)

They were outside this weekend (Sunday) for the first time.  They really liked sleeping in the sun.  As soon as the sun went behind the building I put them back inside.  They are doing great, hoping to have people come see them this weekend and then they get fixed on the 7th!  YAY!

Faith was adopted at this weekends event but it was a person who saw her at last weeks event.   AND someone who came to meet Faith decided to adopt Sabrina our Chocolate Lab puppy so that worked out great.

I have this weekend and next weekend with no events and then the 10th is an adoption event.  Hoping that goes well.  Then black Friday we are selling Holiday Breakfast Buffet tickets at Tractor Supply and Rual King for most of the day.  That is December 1st.  So hoping we get a lot of tickets sold.

Busy busy busy as always...

Hoping to end the year out good come January and February I am not sure how much I am going to be able to do.  Not sure I mentioned it here but I am having my first child early March. SO I am sure I will be the size of a house Jan and Feb and won't be able to see my toes. LOL!

Monday, October 8, 2012

This weekend...

Well as I said this weekend was a long one due to the mom and puppies that were so sick.  Today at least they were acting more like puppies.  Making noise getting into things.

I had someone come over to meet Reba this weekend.  She was in the barn playing with Reba and Faith, Joey and Freedom were out front playing and guess who showed up!  I called the Sheriff and learned some interesting things.  I am not really sure why taking video and pictures of dogs is so interesting.. YES I HAVE DOGS!  No one has ever denied that... so the point?

I think the lady felt uncomfortable.  Great thank you I lost an adoption because my neighbor won't leave me a lone.  Good job!  Another dog to stay living at my house until God only knows when all because someone was made to feel uncomfortable. UGH!


This weekend is an adoption event. I really really hope that a few dogs get some homes.  I feel like BIG DOG rescue.. we have so many right now.

Paws crossed for some adoptions and for the puppies to keep feeling better!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mom and puppies near death

I received a message on Thursday asking for help for a Mom Shepard / Boxer mix and her 5 puppies that are 4 weeks old.  2 puppies had already died.  Man in a not so great neighborhood on the East side of Cleveland admitted to not being able to afford to feed them.

A volunteer went and picked the puppies up on Friday afternoon and drove them directly to the vet.  The mom is EXTREMELY emaciated and the puppies look like Bobble head dolls.  IT IS GROSS!  I have had a many mom dogs who are emaciated but NEVER have I had emaciated puppies.

Mom and puppies were dropped off to me after visiting the vet and getting Capstar to take care of the fleas that were COVERING their little bodies and mom dog was given tape worm medicine.  Petting them felt like petting sandpaper around bones.  Not kidding you, all bones and covered in bumps from all the flea bites.

I gave mom food but she started scarfing it down and I had to take it away so she wouldn't get sick.  Saturday I was very worried about them.  The puppies were so anemic from having their blood sucked dry by all the fleas that their gums were gray and so were their tongues. I honestly was worried that the one wasn't going to make it.

This morning they ate some of the milk replacement that I got them on Saturday and one puked about 5 minutes later.  He puked WORMS.  I decided to work them even though I was trying to wait.  I knew they needed it but with them being so weak I wasn't sure if it would upset their stomachs too much.  It is one of those darn if you do darn if you don't.

Well I wormed them and all they have done all day is puke or poop worms.  It is so gross.

I THINK I HOPE they will make it.  Their gums look a little better today....

Puppy Paws crossed PLEASE!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Puppies for sale at the Pet Store

More than 40 dogs were seized from a suspected puppy mill in Pickaway County, Ohio.  Please, please contact your legislators and ask that they make the puppy mill issue a priority! Tell them you are sick and tired of stories like these.  Ohio’s black eye due to lack of companion animal laws has to change! NOW!!!  Send them the video or photo and let them see what they are allowing in the State of Ohio. 
This is the face of one of the puppy mill pups from yesterday’s raid! The cute puppies that people buy in a pet store or Amish country most likely their mother lives in conditions just like this – the Amish dirty secret.  There are thousands others like this one that are stuck in a terrible and filthy environment – prisoners of greed.