Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just a few more hours

Well looks like I am track to get a few puppies into their homes.  Let's hope so. I am way past ready to be done.  Granted I love them,don't get me wrong but way too much work for this big bellied girl right now.

Tomorrow 7 puppies go to get fixed. ASSUMING in the morning I feel everyone is healthy enough to go.  There is always that chance someone will not seem right so I will hold back but that is pretty much a game time decision.

I am pretty sure by Sunday at least 6 of them will be in their forever homes and will hopefully live happy healthy lives.  I still going to worry about them for about 2 weeks after they leave... I just hope that my worrying will be for nothing.

Soon very very soon I will be able to "enjoy" my last few weeks of NOT being a mom.  UGH! I am going to be a mom... how is that normal?  Poor kid... I hope he turns out ok. LOL!

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